25 June 2018

CUSTARD FLUX – Helium 2018 (Digital Self-Released)



All you TimeMaZine readers, I bet that by now, after so many reviews, the name of Gregory Curvey and The Luck Of Eden Hall, for sure is quite familiar. Right? Greg is the driving and creative force behind The Luck Of Eden Hall for the last 30 years! One of Chicago’s finest acts with numerous releases! Of course, Greg kept busy himself by traveling to the other side of the ocean, at times, to visit his beloved Wales, where he occasionally jammed with extra-terrestrial proggers, locals Sendelica. Anyway… Let’s see what this “restless spirit” did this time. The last 2 years he moved from Chicago and relocated permanently to Detroit city. So, it was just a matter of time for the new kid in town to find a few guys and form a new band! And all of a sudden, Custard Flux was born! Curvey, motivated by a very old Harmonium, he explains: “This project was born out of a vision I had after acquiring a 100-year-old Harmonium, and the ability to be able to set up in the park and play progressive psychedelic pop without any electricity. Newly located in Detroit, I’ve set out to find a group of like-minded musicians, including a Double Bassist, Drummer, Keyboardist, and Guitarist. It’s taken some time, but the spark has been lit, and I’m pleased with the music”.

The original title of the “Helium” album was supposed to be “Harmonium Chrysanthemum” but Greg decided to change it (I do prefer Harmonium Chrysanthemum, Greg!) Acoustic guitars, basses, drums, percussions, the old harmonium and flutes create an artistic acoustic retro sounding concept of 64 minutes that consists of 12 songs and the plan is to collect the money from the downloads in order to produce LPs and CDs in the near future! Album takes off with “The Hit Parade”, a kind of renaissance tune with Curvey’s voice bringing naturally to mind The Luck Of Eden Hall. “Forevermore” is an electric melancholic but promising ballad that Greg is using his Gibson Flying V through an Echoplex! The second and last time that Greg is somehow using “electricity” (the same Gibson with a Pig Nose Solo) is on “The Shire” Of Gingin”, an adventurous instrumental with a pinch of experimentalism that generously flirts with Progressive! That 100 old Harmonium gives an intense Renaissance lovely feeling through all over “Innermission”, such a great track! “Sleepy” could be an outtake from “Ogdens’” while “La Mort” is another essential proggy –a la folk instrumental. On “Out Of Phase” is like Hawkwind decided to go acoustic! The melody overflows on “Golden Opportunity” tripping us to the art-rock bands of the early 70s! “Tiger” is a smooth n’ soft ballad while the instrumental version of this is called “Tiger Reprise”. The album closes with a colossal synergy of the planets, the psychedelically pompous and mind-bending “Helium”! Custard Flux has the power to liquefy your emotions and spray your whole existence with the headiest intoxicating aroma you could ever desire! (TimeLord Michalis) 



Label: Self Released

Format: Digital, Album

Note: Buying this digital release, the purchase amount can be used as credit towards the cost of the LP or CD, if and when it’s released

Release Date: 01 June 2018


01 The Hit Parade 4:31
02 Forevermore 5:30
03 Empyrean House 3:54
04 Tiger 4:41
05 The Shire Of Gingin 6:19
06  Innermission 6:54
07 Sleepy 5:21
08 La Mort 5:40
09 Out Of Phase 5:01
10 Golden Opportunity 6:11
11 Tiger Reprise 4:46
12 Helium 5:58



Listen & Buy the album through their Bandcamp page:



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