14 January 2018

2nd TRIPolis Rock Festival

9 & 10 Sep 2005

The “2nd TRIPolis Rock Festival” is a fact! This time we organized it at the small open theater of Saint George’s forest. It was a 2-day festival with lots of pulse and thrill … We managed to have on the set the Ultimate Psychedelic Masters of Greece, Purple Overdose!!!
A life-time dream came true. It was a night to remember… Absolute psychedelic and electrifying… It was so… beautiful, that even Pan came down from his ancient secret cave and … danced with us… Dionysus, the Nymphs… everybody was there…

Here’s the line-up of the 2 days:

1st day (9 Sep 2005):
The Flow (from Tripolis)
Stalagmites Band (from Sparti)
Metallaksis (from Nemea)
Animus Enigma (from Tripolis)

2nd day (10 Sep 2005):
Purple Overdose (from Athens)
Fygokentros (from Tripolis)

Both days, 800 people in total attended the Fest!!!
This was meant to be the last Live Performance of the legendary Psychedelic Greek band, the Purple Overdose!

FREE for the people with the Love and Support by the Bands that played. No tickets, no entrance, no money for the “promoters”.






Watch An excerpt from Purple Overdose’s appearance:


Listen to “Rooby Go Round” as performed Live by Purple Overdose

Part 1: 

Part 2: 



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