15 January 2018

OG – Out Of The Darkness 2016 (LP OG Musique / Open Your Eyes)

Although OG and Will Z stopped releasing albums under the Cosmic Trip Machine moniker, they continued to produce their music, release their solo albums. Most of the times the duo is helping each other (Will Z is taking part here). “Out Of Darkness” is OG’s latest adventure, a concept album consisted of 14 illustrated songs inspired by the drawings Of Wayne Anderson. The final result musically and visually is simply AWESOME! The music flows in a peaceful ethereal folkish path with its ups and downs, telling the story of a young Goddess, Imma, trapped in the Rounded Forest because she threatened the supremacy of Moloch on the World of Men. Initiated by the Snake King and the animals of the forest, she will find joy, wisdom, and compassion but also magic, trickery and illusion, the astral secrets and the science of Numbers. At the end of her initiation, she will be knighted and guided to the Tree-Ear where she will cross the Darkness to re-enchant the world… Destined to be CULT! (TLM)



Label: Open Your Eyes ‎– OG004

Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Gatefold Cover, 150 copies 

Released: 2016



A1 Love 2:29
A2 Imma 3:33
A3 Moloch  3:29
A4 Joy Of A Boy 2:19
A5 Imma And The Owl 1:58
A6 Snake King 2:47
A7 Astral Meadows 3:50
B1 The Five Keys Of Spring 2:06
B2 Knighthood 2:46
B3 Mechanical Flamingo 2:09
B4 Every Number 2:55
B5 The Long Night 3:40
B6 Through The Tree-Ear 3:02
B7 Out Of The Darkness 3:46


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