17 January 2018

5th TRIPolis Rock Festival

5 & 6 Jul 2008

In order to celebrate the 5 years anniversary of the TRIPolis Fests we decided to organize a rather ambitious and optimistic event! Our local Festival became “International”! Artists from abroad accepted our humble invitations and despite the adversities, the 5th TRIPolis Rock Fest is a fact! For once more and despite the huge economical risk, the entrance was FREE!


1st day (5 July 2008):

Vibravoid (from Germany)

The Snails (from Athens, Greece)

Drug Free Youth (from Athens, Greece)

Άνθη Αντεκδίκησης (από Τρίπολη, Ελλάδα)

2nd day (6 July 2008):

Atomic Workers (from Italy, England, Holland)

Warehouse (from Patra)

Flames Of Love (from Tripolis)

SleepWalkers (from Tripolis)

In total 1000 people attended the 5th Tripolis Rock Festival!

FREE for the people with the Love and Support by the Bands that played. No tickets, no entrance, no money for the “promoters”.





Watch an excerpt from Vibravoid’s appearance:



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