25 January 2018

TimeLord Michalis’ BEST Albums of 2017

This is a List with the Best Sounds I heard in 2017.

50 LP Records that will Blow Your Mynd!

Check the Bands/Releases and if you like buy their records!

You can listen 1 track from each release through my mixcloud radio-show:

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Best Albums 2017

VIBRAVOID – Mushroom Mantras (Stoned Karma Records)

YESTERDAY’S THOUGHTS – Paper Ship (Trip Records)

AGUSA – Agusa (Kommun2)

JACK ELLISTER – Roots Conference (Fruits de Mer Records)

FOGBOUND – Fogbound (The John Colby Sect)

HOLLOW EARTH – Out Of Atlantis (Kommun2)

PANSIES – Cascade Of Colors (Ongakubaka Records)

THE GREEK THEATRE – Broken Circle (Sugarbush Records)

MR ELEVATOR & THE BRAIN HOTEL – When The Morning Greets You (Rad Cat Records)

MAGIC BUS – Phillip The Egg (Back To The Garden Records)

THE SNAILS – Dr. Acid (Anazitisi Records)

LUCK OF EDEN HALL/RED SUN – Psychedelic Battles Volume 4 (Vincebus Eruptum)

SENDELICA – Sleepwalker Fever (Frg Records)

ATOMIC SIMAO – Echo (Cosmic Eye Records)

BIGFOOT – Bigfoot (It’s A Gas! Records)

OMEGA RAY – Omega Ray (Sound Effect Records)

PATRICK CAMPBELL-LYONS – You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet (Market Square Music)

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Murder Of The Universe (Flightless)

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES – The Horse And Other Weird Tales (Svart)

LUCILLE FURS – Lucille Furs (Self Released)

ACID BABY JESUS – Lilac Days (Fuzz Club Records)

MORDECAI SMYTH – The Mayor Of Toytown Is Dead (Mega Dodo Records)

THE DEAD ENDS – Deeper The Dark, The Brighter We Shine (Sound Effect Records)

FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS – Brain Telephone (Permanent Records)

THE BEGINNER’S MYND – Don’t Lose Your Mind (13 O’Clock Records)

MAAT LANDER – Seasons of Space Book #1 (Clostridium Records)

TERRAPIN – Sanctuary (G.O.D. Records)

ELECTRIC MOON – Stardust Rituals (Sulatron Records)

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE / KANOI – Split (Clostridium Records)

SIDEWALK SOCIETY – Strange Roads (FdM Records)

THE DEAD-END ALLEY BAND – Storms (Clostridium Records)

GROMBIRA – Gombira (Tonzonen Records)

LIQUID ORBIT – Liquid Orbit (Nasoni Records)

ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE – Hallucinations Inside The Oracle (Space Rock Productions)

SPACE DEBRIS – Behind The Gate (Breitklang)

THE SONIC SHAMEN – Tribute To Lemmy (Space Rock Productions)

BLACK MOON TAPE – The Salvation Of Morgane (Open Your Eyes)

DREAM MACHINE – The Illusion (Castle Face)

TELEPATHIC DREAMBOX – Telepathic Dreambox (Discordia)

ETHIVA – Sublime Island (Clostridium Records)

KARAKORUM – Beteigeuze (Tonzonen Records)

NO MIGHTIER CREATURES – No Mightier Creatures (AiZu)

ARCADIAN CHILD – Afterglow (Self Released)

THE SONIC DAWN – Into The Long Night (Heavy Psych Sounds)

THE DALTON CORRECTION – Beware Of Yarara (Possible Records)

UFFE LORENZEN – Galmandsvaerk (Bad Afro Records)

NAZCA SPACE FOX – Nazca Space Fox (Tonzonen Records)

CRYSTAL JACQUELINE – Await The Queen (Mega Dodo Records)

GIN LADY – Electric Earth (Kozmik Artifactz Records)

62 MILES FROM SPACE – Time Shifts EP (Mega Dodo Records)






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