27 January 2018

LUCILLE FURS – Lucille Furs 2017 (LP Self Released)



Debut album by the new-comers in Neo-Psychedelic Pop scene, Lucille Furs. Hailed from Chicago, they started back in 2015 and for the first 13th months they were called Shah Jahan but changed it to Lucille Furs stemmed from some listeners taking offense to the initial name. Well, I drew an interest in them when I heard that my friend Constantine Hastalis was playing keys with the band. Unfortunately, Constantine is no longer with the band (hmmm… too bad I think…) though he did take part in the recording of the LP. So, the band is continuing as a quartet with Patrick Tsotsos (definitely Greek!), Nick Dehmlow, Brendan Peleo- Lazar and Trevor Newton Pritchett. Album consists of 12 songs from 2:30 to 6:30, a mix of psychedelic modern age baroque-styled poppies with a touch of a vintage sophisticated twist. Lucille Furs managed to isolate Big City’s noise and they finally delivered us a mid-tempo dreamy-like landscape, fully melodic with a lyrical realism and well-worked double vocals that indicates band’s rich intelligent and artistic skills. The album may sound retro but it’s not old-fashioned at all! My personal highlights are the sweet-psych-baroque poppy “Pink Noise”, the dangerously flirting with British late 60s Psychedelia “Our Lady Of Perpetual Frustration” and the adventurous with a 60s psych west coast feeling “Between Us Too – I Saw You”. To sum up, this is an album inspired by the 60s California Psych scene but deeply influenced as much by the first wave of the British Invention bands as by all these “head” British groups (era 67-68). I also included it on my list with the Best Albums of 2017 and I’m wondering what their next step would be… (TLM)  



Label: Self-Released

Format: LP, Vinyl, Album

Release Date: 29 September 2017


A1 The Fawn of Teal Deer 2:49
A2 Thoughts & Words 2:40
A3 Pink Noise 3:26
A4 Sunset Moon 4:07
A5 Baby Blaise 2:37
A6 Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration 3:23
B1 Carrie & Judy 3:37
B2 Does it Matter to You? 3:06
B3 Alabaster Crayon 3:21
B4 Please, Give Her This Letter 2:41
B5 In Saṃsāra 3:01
B6 Between Us Two/ I Saw You 6:29



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