27 January 2018

WELCOME INSIDE THE BRAIN – Celebrate The Depression 2017 (LP/CD Nasoni Records)

Welcome Inside The Brain is a Prog-Rock band from Germany. After 2 EPs Nasoni released their first album “Celebrate The Depression”. Most of the EPs’ songs are on the album. Awesome blues rock with psychedelic and progressive passages. The male vocals overflow a lot of energy and the guitar riffs (along with the organ) travels you back to 70s art – prog rock that we all loved!! Anyone who finds today’s music boring, he will find out that today’s “underground” music ISN’T at all!!! Recommended!!! (Dr.Floyd)



Label: Nasoni Records ‎

Format: Vinyl, Album, Limited Edition, yellow – Nasoni 190C

Format: CD, Album, Stereo, Digi- Nasoni 190CD

Released:  Nov 1, 2017

First Press / Limited to 300 copies / yellow 180g-HQ Vinyl / incl. gatefold Insert


A1 Celebrate The Depression  11:11
A2 Snails On Speed / Buddha In A Bottle  5:31
A3 Welcome Inside The Brain  4:51
B1 Ugly Beauty  6:46
B2 Revolution  5:34
B3 Tears In The Past  9:12





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