24 March 2018

Acid Beans Volume 0 2018 (Fanzine Vincebus Eruptum)


Acid Beans is the new adventure/project by the crew of Associazione Culturale VINCEBUS ERUPTUM. My Italian friend Davide explains: “After 18 years I was so bored to write about always the same sound, pointing out that I started listening to that kind of music more than 25 years ago! In the meantime, I changed a little my musical taste (but I’m always listening to good heavy psych sound!) and I decided to not write any more about this bit fashioned genre… So now it’s time for ACID BEANS… sounds and visions from the psychedelic world!”…

So why it took you so long Davide? (just kidding hehe…) Acid Beans Volume Zero, is a pilot publication, 16 full-colored pages, A4 sized, and it’s almost FREE! It only costs € 0,01 plus shipping! It is focused on everything ‘psychedelic related’, not only music. Art, Films, Culture. Among the 16 pages, we can read 3 interesting ‘mini’ interviews. Dr. Koch of Vibravoid – the No1 Psychedelic Band in the world at the moment – Mr. John Alder aka TWINK, and underground psychedelic persona Mateo Guarnaccia. Also, there’s a small article entitled “Psychedelic Frames in the 60s Italian thrilling movies” that only makes us desperately wanting its sequence! And of course, there are a few up-to-date LP/CD reviews. Hurry up Beautiful Mynds because Davide printed only 1000 copies and Volume 0 is destined to be a rare collector’s item in short time! So,

– How you’d like to have your Beans, darling?

– Acid!

Acid Beans you are welcome! Let’s start a Psychedelic Revolution! (TLM)



Label: Vincebus Eruptum

Format: Magazine, 16pages, A4sized, 1000copies

Released: March 2018 


Order it directly via Vincebus Eruptum Web Store:

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