24 March 2018

MOUTH – Floating 2018 (LP/CD Tonzonen Records)


Mouth were formed in Cologne, back in 2000, as a power trio, consisted of Christian Koller (vocals, guitars, occasional keyboards), Gerald Kirsch (bass) and Nick Mavridis (drums, backing vocals, keyboards – What a lovely feeling when I discover Greek musicians in such bands!) “Floating” is the follow-up album to last years’ (2017) “Vortex” and as the band states “it sounds very different to the previous album, it’s a bit like the ‘downside up’ or the sarcastic happy contrast to the Vortex world”. Album takes off with “Floating (Reprise)” which it was also the hidden track on “Vortex”. The floating sitar sounds perfectly fit as a bridge to connect both albums. “Madbeth” it’s an ironic song about a Mad Leader, in which the lyrics are spitting out under a kind of heavy but krauty n’ funky motive! The instrumental “Homagotago” follows, a krautrock inspired jam that acts like a loose-end stoned Neu! track! “Reversed” in another well-timed track about another Mad Leader… “Sunrise” is a krauty instro with a pinch of late 70s prog-rock and an improvisational feel. “Distance” blends prog and kraut with tweaked vocals. It’s time for Prog to flirt with Hard Rock under tons of heavy wah-wahs on “O.T.B. Field”. Finally, the album closes with another instro, the explosive “Sunset”. “Floating” is an album worth listening to! Give it a try, I believe you will not be disappointed, I didn’t! (TLM)



Label: Tonzonen Records, TON 037LP

Format: LP, Vinyl, Album, Gatefold, Inlay, Limited Edition (500 copies – 250 blue / 250 green)

Format: CD, Album, Digipack 1000 copies

Released: 23 March 2018 


A1 Floating 2:44
A2 Madbeth 2:30
A3 Homagotago 8:56
A4 Reversed 4:28
B1 Sunrise 4:59
B2 Distance 3:03
B3 O.T.B. Field 2:52
B4 Sunset 4:54



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