24 March 2018

SIRKUS – The Noise Of Time 2018 (LP/CD Nasoni Records)


Sirkus is a new band, hailing from Vibravoid City, Dusseldorf, Germany. They released their debut album “Dream Factory” in 2015, and in late April 2018, Nasoni Records is releasing the follow-up “The Noise Of Time”. The band consists of Jonathan Geis (drums), Lukas Sauer (lead guitar), Marcel Bickert (djembe, percussions), Max Sauer (vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Hauck (bass) and Patrick Stäudle (keys). “The Noise Of Time” includes 10 well-structured songs and the question that occurred to me after the first listening of the album, was about their influences. It was really hard to pin them down. Well, sometimes, this is not a bad thing! It conveys a feeling of wonder… Anyway, the answer to my question comes from the band itself. “Since the friends first met, various journeys brought them to the Congo, Burkina Faso, the Middle East and the American West Coast. Traces of these musical epicenters find their way back into the music. SIRKUS twists the Djembe with spaced out Synth, blues with Moroccan Gnaua rhythm and forms an earthquake for mind and soul”. Do you get the picture? Simple as that! Sirkus’ music is a groovy fragile mix of all these above, divided into 10 tracks, pinched with an intense Bluesy sentiment. Need to mention that Max Sauer’s characteristic impulsive voice wins the listener by the very first second! “Goldmine Of Truth”, “All Your Teachers” and “Last Year” are up-tempo boogie-blues songs with a cordial colorful rhythm! Balladesque themes becoming melancholic bluesy (“Leaving Ten Times”) or weird bluesy (“Cigarettes”) or trippy bluesy (“Mama”) or just proggy bluesy (“Hotel Room”) while my personal highlights are “Road Song” with its catchy melody and haunted bass-line, “Sea” indicating a fascinating mid 70s flute sound and the last track of the album, the psychedelically trippy “Life Is Visiting”. So, Sirkus stands out from all these Heavy Stoner Rock Bands that spring up like mushrooms, and as soon they decide to go further back into this magical era visiting and drinking from the endless fountain called “Sixties”, the future is definitely, theirs! (TLM)



Label: Nasoni Records

Format: LP, Album, Vinyl, Limited Edition 300 copies of Colored Vinyl

Format: CD, Album, Digipack

Release Date: 26 April 2018 


A1 3:09
A2 Leaving Ten Times  4:13
A3 All Your Teachers  3:50
A4 Hotel Room  3:50
A5 Cigarettes  4:29
B1 Road Song  4:12
B2 Last Year  3:37
B3 Sea  3:01
B4 Mama  3:51
B5 Life Is Visiting  5:35


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