24 March 2018

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA – Live At The Green Mushroom Festival 2018 (LP/CD Tonzonen Records)


After 2 Digital and 3 Physical (LP/CD) Releases, the duo of Alexander Djelassi (Guitar / Bass / Synthesizer / Effects / Vocals) and owner of Tonzonen Records Dirk Raupach (Synthesizer / Effects / Vocals) decided to release their amazing live performance at The Green Mushroom Festival. It seems that this German duo (hailing from Krefeld) has created a cosmic universe where they can make mind-electronic trips back and forth! Though, this live album shows their less electronic side, it’s full of space-rock neo-kraut analog sounds! The album contains 5 tracks (from 8 to 14min long). It takes off with “Shein”, starting with a trippy effected intro, echoed vocals in an ambient-like field of guitar sounding becoming ethereal dreamy while the drumming (Armin Schopper is on Drums) progressively builds a krauty rhythm. The theremin is adding an eerie feeling while it makes the next track “Om Namah” even more trippy. The spacey effects along with the slow drumming make this soundscape ideal for a Portishead/Massive Attack theme while the electric slightly distorted guitars add Tricky to the scenery! “Weinende Eidechsen” is a more space-rock oriented track with lots of guitar outbursts. “Projektionen” is a dreamy ambient tune dominated by sequencer sounds. Album closes with a more ‘normal’ track, entitled “Henriette Mutterkorn”, less experimental but in a more adventurous improvised way. I’m pretty sure that the audience really enjoyed this performance and I bet that those who might dare to close their eyes, they moved – even for a little time – into SONS’ parallel cosmic universe. Wish I was there… (TLM)



Label: Tonzonen Records, TON 041LP

Format: LP, Vinyl, Album, Limited Edition 

Format: LP + CD

Format: CD, Album

Limited to 500 copies (200 black / 200 clear / 100 neon yellow)

Released: 23 March 2018 


A1 Schein 13:57
A2 Om Namah 8:14
B1 Weinende Eidechsen 9:45
B2 Projektionen 4:47
B3 Henriette Mutterkorn 8:34



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