12 April 2018

PYRAMID – Pyramid 2018 (LP/CD Mental Experience)


Wow! Here’s a surprise release – or should I call it re-release – by Mental Experience label and the exclusive distributor Guerssen Records! A rather mysterious album that we know almost nothing about it! We do not know the band, we do not know the musicians and we don’t know if it was released even as a private press back then in the mid-70s,  though it is said that some of these recordings were later released as hand-made vinyl micro pressings on Pyramid label… What we know about this obscure studio project, is what the producer Toby Robinson aka The Mad Twiddler tried to remember since he was the only one who could give full license for this release and of course he was there during the recording session or sessions as Toby recalls there were are least 2 recording sessions. These sessions were recorded circa 1975-76 in Cologne for the underground Pyramid label, which was operated by Toby and his friend Robin Page (the Fluxus artist). During that time, Toby worked as engineer and assistant at various studios in Cologne, including the famous Dieter Dierks studios, where most of the albums from the Ohr/Pilz/Cosmic Courier catalog were registered. Having access to the studios during dead hours, Toby recorded a lot of sessions just for fun without any commercial interest, featuring friends and musicians who frequented the studios and the underground art/music scene of Cologne. So what we have here is just one track entitled “Dawn Defender” in a total of 33 minutes, divided into 2 parts (one on each side). Hammond, Electric guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Mellotron, Mini Moog, Electric piano and Tibetan bells were used by ‘unknown personnel’ to create a pure unadulterated psych kraut Space Rock atmosphere! Along these 33 minutes many bands of that era come to mind, others more others less. Agitation Free, Gila, Ash Ra Tempel even Cosmic Jokers and Amon Duul II! But, in the first part (at least!) the main influence and inspiration here is The Pink Floyd! The early 70s ones! The scenery is quite trippy, extra-mystical, over-psyched, emerging a hallucinogenic feeling that takes you from “Careful to that Axe” to “Set The Controls…” Yes! I got the feeling that like Pink Floyd’s Pompeii, I was right outside the Pyramid of Giza, tripping with the music by the Pyramid Band! The 2nd part is gradually becoming an experimental free improvisational jam session, extremely krauty while the air is filled with pulverized tiny pieces of Amon Duul II! Towards its end the scenery becomes really ambient under a relaxing serene psych moon till darkness blankets Cheops Pyramid and there’s nothing left to see or hear. Is that time, when you realize that this has come to an end and you need to hit the ‘play’ button once more! Recommended! (TLM)  


Label: Mental Experience, MENT022, MENT022CD 

Format: LP, Album, Vinyl, Limited Edition

Format: CD, Album

Release Date: 10 May 2018


A1 Dawn Defender Pt1
B1 Dawn Defender Pt2


But the Album through Guerssen Records:


Check a 9min snippet via youtube:





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