03 May 2018

THE SOUND EXPLOSION (w/ THE SNAILS) – Live at Gagarin, Athens, 28 April 2018





  • THE SOUND EXPLOSION (Fuzz Through Space and Time)

  • THE SNAILS (Dr. Acid visits Graveyard)





The night that the Sound Exploded or Explosive sounds with Sound Ex. or Fuzz Snails and Explosive Sounds from The Inner Space (by Dr. Floyd)

Wow!!! What an “explosive” night we lived!!! The night was at 28th of April… but let’s take things from the beginning. Our rendezvous was at 18:00… the 170 KLM trip for our destination started with a coffee and a cigarette… after that, the four “horsemen” and Miss Dimitra were ready for a magic night( we didn’t know by then what would happen but we had a feeling!).The music that Timelord M played in the car’s CD player was the best intro for the upcoming event. Without understanding how the Kilometers passed we are outside Gagarin (the venue of the gig). We bought our reserved tickets for “The Garage land” and we were ready for our “TRIP”!! On “ship’s” deck we found a lot of our friends, who were also ready for the unique experience we were about to live. Dance, drinks, laughs, and hugs were the main “theme” before Snails got on stage. They started with “Psycho Train” a song from Dr. Acid release but it wasn’t included in the LP. We were warming up for a roaring of punk-garage-acid-psych sounds that would blow our brains up!!! “Shadow Land”, “Overflow”, “The Burning Boy”, “Gypsy Woman”, “Dr.Acid”, “Wyld Child”, “My Other Side”, “Universal Soldier”, “She’s Like My Girl”, “Graveyard” (dedicated to Fred) and BOOM!!! The first bomb had prepared us for the next!!! And for my good luck, before Lambros leave the stage, he gave me his playlist!!! A small intermission between the bands, with a lot of 60s garage music but also revival from the 80s, kept us warm… (later we learned that the CD comp was made by Dimitrios “Ainte” Kambakos). Stavros was the first who appeared on stage and Phantom was the second… Giannis and Stelios came together and the “Captains” were ready to take us to the “Garage Land” and not only there!!! A big wave of electric energy released all over the place!!! “In My Grave”, a new song from the new S.EX album, lights the wick!!! The “Karate” had begun!!! Huge amounts of garage–punk vibrations made your body dance unstoppable!! And they continue “hitting” us with fuzz punches!!! “Don’t Shoot me Down”, “Hangover Baby”, “Every Day And Every Night”, “I Wanna Be Mine”, “Don’t Try My Love”, “Another Lie”… Stavros was like a “beast” that was unleashed for the gig… Dimitris was the Phantom with the “killer”  look in his eyes… Stelios was trying to destroy his Farfisa… Giannis was the screaming maestro of fuzz guitar!!! No ages were counting there… we were all young and powerful!!! They presented us their entire new album, most of their older hits and A Lot Of Covers!!! “Unchain My Heart”, “Cinderella”, “Nobody But Me”, “In The Past”, “Voices Green and Purple”, “Down At The Night Club” were some of them!!! The last set of songs was dedicated to the previous owner of the venue, Nick Triantafillides who has left us for other dimensions… After a “sound blast” of 42 songs, the Trip had ended!! Happy faces everywhere!!! All were pleased, from the band till the last human (or not) soul that was in Gagarin!!! The gig was over but not the party!!! Lost and Found was the next destination…The right place for a drink, dance and share experiences from the Awesome night we have lived!!! Please SOUND EXPLOSION… Repeat this night again… SOON!!!! In Fuzz we trust!




The Sound Explosion Setlist

In My Grave

Don’t Shoot Me Down

Hangover Baby

Every Day And Every Night

I Wanna Be Mine

Don’t Try My Love

Another Lie

Better Shake Right Now

Try Girl

Baby Baby Bye Bye

Through Space & Tyme

Lost In Tyme

Cause You Lie

The Wedge

I’m Lost And I’m Found

Born Loser

You Better Run

It’s For You

Girl Of My Dreams…

Unchain My Heart

In Your Eyes

Wild Angel

Some Other Guy

No Matter What You Do

For A Girl Like You

Send A Message

Bring Back Your Love

We’re Pretty Quick

Writing On The Wall


Nobody But Me

Inspector Clouseau…

State Of My Mind

Watch Yourself

In The Past

My Baby Went Away…

Alone With You

Love Has No Time

Down At The Nightclub

Way It’s Gonna Be

Voices Green & Purple




The Snails Setlist

Psycho Train

Shadow Land


The Burning Boy

Gypsy Woman

Dr. Acid

Wyld Child

My Other Side

Universal Soldier

She’s Like My Girl


Dancing With The Zombies




Check FULL Sound Explosion Show through Merlin’s Music Box youtube channel:

Check FULL Snails Show through Merlin’s Music Box youtube channel:
THE SNAILS – Psycho Train (video by Chris Mellos)
THE SOUND EXPLOSION – Hangover Baby (video by Chris Mellos)
THE SOUND EXPLOSION – Alone / Love Has No Time (video by jimichaos13)
THE SOUND EXPLOSION – Bring Back Your Love (video by jimichaos13)
THE SOUND EXPLOSION – Voices Green & Purple / Searching (video by jimichaos13)
Gallery (photos by TimeLord M)


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