01 June 2018

SEVEN THAT SPELLS – The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: Omega 2018 (LP/CD Sulatron Records)


Finally, the trilogy “The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock” that started back in 2011-2012, is completed with the third part entitled “Omega” – the previous two were “AUM” and “IO”. Seven That Spells is a Heavy band started in 2003 (more than 60 musicians contributed to live performances and recordings) from Zagreb, Croatia, describing themselves as the dogs of the western jazz society looking for dope and hailing from the 23rd century where Rock is Dead and returned in time on a mission to change the tragic course! Are they going to succeed? Who knows… After all, the journey itself counts more than reaching the destination… But, let’s move to Omega now. Last letter of the Greek alphabet, the Great “o”, the end of everything, the third part of Seven That Spells’ trilogy. The album consists of just 5 compositions in a total running of 46:37min. and it takes off with “In III”, a song that starts in a rather aggressive way with massive sonic feedback but after a while this wall of sounds transforms into a modern-age space-rock tune with psalmody-like lyrics. The neo-progressive “Omega” (18:54) follows, showing a strong and tight band, excellent musicianship, introducing adventurous high sonic-guitar landscapes, leading into a long improvisational full of energy intergalactic Trip! “Chronos” is a strange piece of an experiment, using the ‘hi-hat’ and combining a lot of weird sounds at the back. Under a futuristic neo-industrialized background enters the magnificent 13:15min “Future Lords”, soon to be transformed into a neo-progressive ‘Mantra’ tune, a chaotic transglobal gate to another dimension! Eventually, the album closes with the heavy “Out III”, a mantra-like tune with loads of supersonic guitars ending in a tribal shamanic way! Initiates or Not, I think you’re going to dig this album, a lot!!! (TimeLord Michalis)  



Label: Sulatron Records

Format: LP, Vinyl, Album, Limited to 500 copies, ST 1801

Format: CD, Album, ST 1801-2

Release Date: 09 February 2018


A1 In III 4:07
A2 Omega 18:54
B1 Chronos 3:55
B2 Future Lords 13:15
B3 Out III 6:26


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