23 August 2018

CHICKN – WOWSERS! 2018 (LP+CD Inner Ear Records)


Athenian underground is alive and kicking thanks to bands like these guys here, Chickn. Formed in 2012, released their debut LP in 2016, it was about time for their second LP effort. “WOWSERS!” was recorded live during late 2017 early 2018. The band itself states: “It consists of 9 acid glam elegies that ooze with West-Coast vibes blended with proto-punk explosions, unfolding agitated collective psyche. Lyrical horns, hooking vocal lines, alluring percussion, whimsical drumming, arcade guitar riffs, sensual basslines and ankle-played keyboards blend in together and escalate into meteoric freak-outs with no alarms”. After repeatedly listening (mostly at the wee hours of the night) I’m not sure if I can “categorize” this album. It’s really hard to do it. And probably, this is one of the very few records that there’s no need to put a “label” on! Take it as it is. Leave yourself, enter another state of consciousness and dive deeply into the magical and well-played music… The album starts with the short instrumental amalgam of sounds “Invocation” but it really takes off with “Am I Cher?”, a groovy up rhythm tune with rich double vocals under a hard n’ funky 70s musical motive while the derailed saxophone slowly shy makes its appearance. The funky background gets a little more bluesy feeling with the shiny “Too Many Parables” becoming a poppily complex rock tune. “I Cry Diamonds” follows with a hard-prog-rock touch and a killer fast hallucinogenic middle section that I can only imagine its beneficial effects while playing it live for 30 or so minutes. It’s a composition that acts like the most safely-dangerous musical roller coaster you’ve been too! What a Trip! “Chickn Tribe” comes in and the scenery becomes funky soulish with a krauty Zappa-a-like atmos, though the demonic roller coaster is still maneuvering at high speeds! “Egg Of Love” is country-rock influenced (I suppose!), a rhythmic happy song becoming slightly psych without losing its initial sweet charm! If anything, the titles of the songs over here are a little bit unusual, right? The next one is called “China Must Win”, it starts as a Garry Moore bittersweet ballad, but adding band’s peculiar idiosyncratic psych elements, the song is really getting away. It’s not a heartbreaking ballad anymore, it transforms into something else, a well-hidden prog-rocking tune, maybe… So, what should you expect with titles like “Elevational Love Of Frank Zappa”? A colorful roller coaster of sounds and vocals with a frenzy rhythm and a late 70s Zappic atmosphere! Album tries to close like a mellow Whitney Houston ballad (!!!) with “Cloud Over Athens”, a peaceful melancholy song that shines all over under its magnificent melody! Well, it seems that the band decided to take the “difficult” path. I’m with them 100% and anxiously waiting to see where it will lead them! All I can say is simply… WOW! (TimeLord Michalis) 

The band and musicians who worked for this album are:

Angelos Krallis: Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Banjo, Electric Piano, Electric Organ, Synthesiser 
Pantelis Karasevdas: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Piano 
Christos Bekiris: Guitars, Backing Vocals, String Machine 
Axios Zafeirakos: Electric Bass, Double Bass, Backing Vocals 
Don Stavrinos: Horns, Backing Vocals, Percussion 
Haris Neilas: Percussion, Backing Vocals, Electric Sitar 
Christina Koziraki, Celia Cioufi & Maria Olga Parasiri: Backing Vocals 
Noda Pappas: Electric Guitar on “Am I Cher?” 
Gus Boggar: Electric Guitar on “Too Many Parables”


Label: Inner Ear Records

Format: LP+CD, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold, Green Vinyl

Format: LP+CD, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold, Black Vinyl

Release Date: 11 May 2018


1 Invocation 0:28
2 Am I Cher? 3:33
3 Too Many Parables 2:43
4 I Cry Diamonds 4:56
5 Chickn Tribe (Reprise) 4:43
6 Egg Of Love 4:53
7 China Must Win 7:29
8 Elevational Love Of Frank Zappa 3:32
9 Cloud Over Athens 5:05


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