04 November 2018

CREATION FACTORY – The Creation Factory 2018 (LP/CD/CASSETTE Lolipop)



A Garage-o-Delic Sixties Explosion!!! This is exactly what happens when the rhythm section (bass/drums) of ONE of the hottest neo-garage-psych acts of Los Angeles, THE MYSTIC BRAVES, decides to form a new band! So, Shane Stotsenberg (Bass/Vocals) & Iggy Gonzalez (Drums/Vocals) formed The Creation Factory (in 2014) as a recording project but soon they joined forces with 3 other L.A. and Bay area musicians (Neil Soiland – Guitar/Vocals, Gabe Pacheco – Guitar/Vocals and Glenn Brigman – Organ) in order to “hit the road” and play shows. One thing lead to another, their first 7 inch vinyl Limited Edition single “Let Me Go / You Got It” that released through Market Square Records in January 2017 was “vanished” in a blink of an eye, and their “anticipated” LP album has just released through Lolipop Records on Vinyl, CD and Cassette!

Their self-titled debut album consists of 11 compositions (original and cover versions) enclosing the “Whole” Sixties – Garage Psych and R n’ B – but artfully filtered through their own multi-colored and multi-shaped musical contact lenses! And the final result is simply AWESOME! The album takes off with “You Be The Judge”, (originally by the Chancellors Ltd.) and with the very first chord, a blast of sounds deluges your whole body! The music along with the harmonically double vocals brings to mind The Byrds covering The Lemon Drops’ “I Live In The Springtime”! The band states: “we’re capturing the sort of sounds that people don’t hear anymore”, OF COURSE, YOU DO! “Girl You’re Out Of Time” is a groovy neo-garage-ified version of “Mustang Sally”, it’s like The Rolling Stones play garage while “I Don’t Know What To Do” is the ‘contact point’ between the American Remains and the British Kinks! Stots says “I’m trying to revive music and expose it to a younger generation, I’m going backwards to go forward”, and this is exactly what is going on inside “I Want To Be With You” (originally by Yesterday’s Children), an approach to Revive the garage-o-delic 80s revival of the Sixties! A groovy and more garage version of ? And The Mysterians follows, a fuzzy guitar n’ Farfisa orgy entitled “Without You”! Acid Soul and Garage Jangle sounds through “Shame On You” (originally by Neil Ford & The Fanatics) while the band returns to their “rich-double-vocals” style with the acidly drenched guitar sounding of “Why Can’t You Make Up Your Mind”. “Spring” dives into the sunny side of California and reminisces all that great L.A. acts of the late 60s. “The Woods” (originally by the Nickel Bag) shamelessly flirts with the British Invasion but with a groovy Doors-like aspect! “Ain’t Gonna Let You Stay” takes a walk down the Sunset Strip and trips us back to the glorious n’ sunny “It Happens Everyday” days of The Lemon Drops and now I just figured out what the band meant when saying “People don’t dance anymore to rock bands, but The Creation Factory is here to change that”!!! Album closes with the M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T “Hallucination Generation” – can’t tell if this is a cover of an old unknown 60s band (for sure it’s not The Fuzztones’ song – unless I’m terribly mistaken) – it’s like a perfect match of The Electric Prunes with Yesterday’s Obsession! You get the feel of a Ray Manzarek on keys, Sean Bonniwell on rhythm guitar, James Lowe on vox guitar, Sky on bass… Oops, seems I lost control here… Anyway, in other words, “Hallucination Generation” is the BEST garage-o-delic song I heard quite a time ago! In conclusion, there are many bands out there trying to “revive” the 60s. The Creation Factory is playing the Sixties the RIGHT way, and that’s a strong and remarkable achievement because there are very very very few new bands that can succeed in that! The Creation Factory is here to Stay! Fuzz On and Long Live The 60s! (TimeLord Michalis)



Label: Lolipop Records

Format: LP, Vinyl, Album, Limited edition (Cream Color)

Format: LP, Vinyl, Album, Limited edition (Black Color)

Format: CD, Album

Format: Cassette

Release Date: October 2018



A1 You Be The Judge 2:18
A2 Girl You’re Out Of Time 3:41
A3 I Don’t Know What To Do 3:34
A4 I Want To Be With You 3:04
A5 Without You 3:48
B1 Shame On You 2:45
B2 Why Can’t You Make Up Your Mind 3:04
B3 Spring 3:15
B4 The Woods 3:08
B5 Ain’t Gonna Let You Stay 3:11
B6 Hallucination Generation 3:16



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