18 November 2018

ALPHA OMEGA – Dark Tales Of The Shroom 2018 (LP Clostridium Records)



Alpha Omega from Brisbane, Australia, landed on earth in 1999 and who could have guessed that in 2018 they would become of the Best Space Rock Musical Units and NOT ONLY of the South Hemisphere! So far, they have released: “Electronic Mind Project” (debut CD album in 2002 and re-released on LP in 2015 by Clostridium Records), “The Psychedelometer” (CD album in 2007), “We are the Parasites” (7” Single in 2010 by Zenith Records), “Down the Gravity Well” (LP album in 2013 by Clostridium Records), “Live at Terra Australis” (Digital Live album in 2015). Alpha Omega has also contributed songs to “Daze of the Underground – A Tribute to Hawkwind” and Fruits De Mer Records’ “Roqueting Through Space” LP compilation. Band’s next step is called “Dark Tales Of The Shroom” and initially, it was digitally released through their bandcamp in January 2017. Clostridium Records released this (October 2018) on LP Vinyl format with different track listing to the digital release including a new version of the classic track “Satellite Man”. The Space-Rock Trio of Alpha Omega consists of Paul Power on vocals, guitar, synthesizer, Stuart Hodgson on drums, vocals and Dave Smith on bass, vocals. (In this LP, 2 different bass players “lend” their licks to a couple of tracks. Maxx Volume on “Waiting for Flight” and Jack Mulroney on “Satellite Man”).

The Album takes off with “Tales Of The Shroom” and believe me this is the closest thing to the Hawkwind mid-70s sound I heard the last years! So Hawkwind-ish but simultaneously so Authentic! It’s like listening to some outtake from “Space Ritual”! Yes, that Good! “Take The Journey, Take The Trip” they repeatedly calling the listener to join them in their own kind of a Space Ritual… “Waiting For Flight” with its extra spacey effected start, indicates a Fantastic Shimmering atmosphere, this is Space-Rock at its very very BEST! “Hacking In” is a short spacey-robotic intergalactic kind of interlude, an ideal introduction to “Satellite Man” that follows right after. A deeply spacey and electrified kind of nostalgic ballad that was originally released in 2007 on their “Psychedelometer” album. The SSS (Sharp Sonic Space) side of Hawkwind is shown in “Dysfuctional Reality”, acid space sounding guitars with a rather dirty n’ punkish attitude! “See You There” is an electric spaced-out rock tune with lots of effects while the spacey snafu “Re-Programming The Chaotic Mind” is a space-rock (what else? Hehehe) instrumental that starts with a blast of electric guitar feedback and transforms into an Acid Heavy Space Rocker! The Album closes with “Strange Pleasure”, a dark industrialized n’ dirty spacey tune! In conclusion, Alpha Omega’s biggest influence is Hawkwind, Alpha Omega not only graduated the “Hawkwind School” with an excellent grade, but they’re going further… They’re slowly becoming… Masters Of The Universe!… RECOMMENDED! (TimeLord Michalis)



Label: Clostridium Records

Format: LP, Vinyl Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl 200 copies

Format: LP, Vinyl Album, Limited Edition, Red/Gold Vinyl 145 copies

Release Date: 01 October 2018



Tales Of The Shroom 4:47
Waiting For Flight 5:03
Hacking In 1:36
Satellite Man 8:59
Dysfuctional Reality 6:40
See You There 7:00
Re-Programming The Chaotic Mind 5:31
Strange Pleasure 3:05




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