28 December 2018

TimeLord Michalis’ BEST ALBUMS of 2018

This is a List with the Best Sounds I heard in 2018. And I heard many of them! I had to choose from about 450 releases! I focused on full Album releases. No Live releases, No Various, No Best Of, No 7inch Singles (obviously)

50 +1 Records that will Blow Your Mynd!

Psychedelic Rock, Psych something, Garage Rock, Space Rock, Jazz Rock, Folk Rock…

Check the Bands/Releases and if you like buy their records!


You can listen to 1 track from each release through my Mixcloud radio-show:

Part I: From pos.50 to pos.25

Part II: From pos.24 to pos.00






SKY SAXON AND THE VIBRAVOID – A Psychedelic Testament (Review)


VIBRAVOID – Vibrations From The Cosmic Void (Review)


ASTRAL SON – Wonderful Beyond (Review)


JACK ELLISTER – Telegraph Hill (Review)


THE SOUND EXPLOSION – The Explosive Sounds Of… (Review)


ATOMIC SIMAO – Levitation Loom Four


CREATION FACTORY – Creation Factory (Review)


IN THE LABYRINTH – Samas Antaral (Review)




SIR ROBIN & THE LONGBOWMEN – Prozacco (Review)


AL DOUM & THE FARYDS – Spirit Rejoin


DIRE WOLVES – Paradisiacal Mind


CUSTARD FLUX – Helium (Review)


BLACKBERRIES – Disturbia (Review)


ZUGSPITZE ‎– Kalejdofoni




OUR SOLAR SYSTEM – Origins (Review)


SENDELICA – Cromlech Chronicles III (Review)


GREEN SEAGULL – Scarlet Fever (Review)


THE WINSTONS & EdMsC ‎– Pictures At An Exhibition


THE PACERS – Forget Everything You Know (Review)


ACTION & TENTION & SPACE – Skaredalen Funhouse (Review)


ARCADIAN CHILD – Superfonica (Review)




SCHIZO FUN ADDICT – El Shoegaze Bossa Nova (Review)


PSYCHEDELIC SUNS – Distant Light (Review)


THE SPACIOUS MIND – The Drifter (Review)


ALIEN MUSTANGS – Alienation (Review)


GABRIEL FAMILY – Sumershireland




ICARUS PEEL’S ACID REIGN – The Window On The Side Of Your Head (Review)


THE INFINITE TRIP – Dreams From The Shadow House (Review)


OCTOPUS SYNG – Victorian Wonders (Review)


ALPHA OMEGA – Dark Tales Of The Shroom (Review)


SPECTRUM ORCHESTRUM – It’s About Time (Review)


LE MUR – Exorta (Review)


KIKAGAKU MOYO – Masana Temples (Review)


PAUL MESSIS – Songs Of Our Times


LOW HUMS – Night Magic Wine (Review)


US AND THEM – On Shipless Ocean (Review)


UMIT! – The Testament Of Ümit! (Review)


AUTOMATISM – From The Lake (Review)


BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS – The Invisible World


FLOWERS MUST DIE – Där Blommor Dör (Review)


LOVE MACHINE – Times To Come (Review)


VESPERO – Hollow Moon (Review)


UFO OVER LAPPLAND – Ufo Over Lappland (Review)


PAVALLION – Stratospheria (Review)


SEID – Weltschmerz, Baby! (Review)


TRIMDON GRANGE EXPLOSION – Trimdon Grange Explosion


UNIMOTHER 27 – AcidoXodicA (Review)



50 + 1 ALBUMS of 2018 in One Picture!





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