14 March 2019

3RD EAR EXPERIENCE With DR SPACE – Ear To Space 2019 (2LP/CD Space Rock Productions)


This is a strange but interesting recording project and I’m not talking about the High Quality Space Rock music here but about the making/recording of it! The press release will throw some light: “3rd Ear Experience are a California based psychedelic jam band that have been releasing records since 2012. ‘Ear To Space’ is their 4th release on Space Rock Productions. This album was created out of series of jam sessions. The basic mix was sent to Dr Space, who then, jammed along as if he was playing with the band, the files were sent to Robbi, who then mixed, added a few overdubs and the magic was created. For tracks 4 & 5 the opposite happened and Dr Space created the basic tracks and 3rd ear jammed along. So what does it sound like?? Space rock with a cool ethnic or electronic vibe at times. Tracks 1 & 2 are more rocking while the tracks 3 – 5 are more ambient and spaced out trips”…

Double vinyl, 4 sides, and just 5 tunes! “Screams Of Eagle Bone” (A1, 14:50) has a steady hard upbeat rhythm provided by the rhythm section (bass & drums) with lots of spacey ‘bubbles’ and other various effects and a cool saxophone sound that is having a crazy wild party that will eventually lead into a musical orgy, slowing down a bit, becoming space-psych, manages to charge the intergalactic batteries, launching beyond stratosphere, once more… “Anam Cara” (B1, 20:21) is a spacey effected tune with sharp-edged guitars under an improvised chaotic spacey background with weird voiceless sounds, distorted shamanic vibes, slowly becoming dreamy, emerging a ‘foreign’ ambient feeling, progressively getting trippy… It feels that you somehow stepped out of the spaceship gazing an  irrepressible rain of tiny meteorites, sure you’re safe, but, the atmos is filled with Acid coming from that rain… Towards its end, the tune is sprayed with some early 70s Prog keys… Remarkable! “Dreams Of The Caterpillar” (C1, 22:12) is coming straight out of the ‘deep dark space’ and after the first six experimental avant-garde minutes, the space-rock new age music starts to overflow the environment with an creepy n’ trippy attitude, a glorious monotone rhythm that is wonderfully electronically flavored. “Coin In The Desert” (D1, 9:37) has a space-rock start with a rather ‘earthly’ approach that flirts with “Ethnic” soon to be transformed into a space-rocket travelling away from our solar system, tribal drumming adds an even more “World” feeling while the sax just gives the ‘Cosmic Energy’ that this rocket/tune needs to avoid Black Hole’s attraction. “Sue’s Dream World” (D2, 6:04) is a laid-back tune with some dreamy serene sounds and an ambient atmos with sporadic spacey effects. And this is how the Space Trip ends. An album full of strong moments that you’re advised better to listen with your 3rd Eye Open! And the 3rd Ear will Follow… (TimeLord Michalis)    



Label: Space Rock Productions

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g, Gatefold, Hand Numbered, Black Vinyl, 202 copies

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g, Gatefold, Hand Numbered, Green Vinyl (Side A/B) & Purple Vinyl (Side C/D), 310 copies

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold Digisleeve, 496 copies

Release Date: 23 March 2019




A1 Screams Of Eagle Bone 14:50
B1 Anam Cara 20:21
C1 Dreams Of The Caterpillar 22:12
D1 Coin In The Desert 9:37
D2 Sue’s Dream World 6:04



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