14 March 2019

ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE – Good Planets Are Hard To Find 2019 (2LP Reissue Space Rock Productions)


ØSC  were formed in Denmark in 2004 as a collective of Danish, Swedish and American musicians doing free form improvised space rock music. The band has evolved into a large changing collective that plays many concerts and festivals. Since 2005 and their first Self-Titled Promo CD album they have over 55 releases! Space Rock Productions reissues their 5th studio CD album from 2009, first time in vinyl! Needless to mention that one of the two people that runs Space Rock Productions is the Master-Synth-Mind behind ØSC, Dr Space aka Scott Heller.

The Press Release reads: “’Good Planets Are Hard To Find’ was their 5th studio album originally released on CD in 2009 on Transubstans Records and like all of their other studio albums, it was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios (Copenhagen Denmark). This was the first album to not feature the core members of Mantric Muse and Bland Bladen. KG from the band Siena Root brought in the sitar and a head full of cool ideas that helped to change the chemistry of the cosmic music stew ØSC were about to prepare. Tobias (The Carpet Knights) played the killer space guitar once again. PIB and Luz provided a great backline of drums and percussion, while Thomas (Gas Giant) and Jocke (The Carpet Knights) layed down the bass grooves. Mogens and Dr Space did the synth thing creating their own spaces in the sound. The album begins and ends with two fantastic sitar journeys out into another world. The middle is filled with 4 more progressive, classic rock style space jams”…

“Good Planets Are Hard To Find” contains just 6 tracks/long-jams that are spread out in the four sides of this double vinyl. The self-titled “Good Planets Are Hard To Find” (A1, 11:20) is a free-form improvised extended instrumental (of course!) tune with a strong Eastern-influenced feeling thanks to the trippy sitar sounding, launching the track into the faraway Eastern-Space, making it a very inspiring sensational and trippy Space-Raga-Rock tune! “Space Fountain” (A2, 8:51) is another improvised jam, space-rock oriented, electric guitar-based with some 70s prog keys becoming bluesy but in a peculiar space prog way! “Orbital Elevator” (B1,16:12) is flavored with numerous ‘synth-electronic’ spacey effects, trippy and free-form becoming an adventurous journey in space, a quest into the Unknown through Sonic landscapes and Intergalactic fields. Experimental, Spacey and Trippy is also the following one, “My Beard Has A Heel” (B2, 6:01), but this time the collective band is flirting with Progressive Rock (though in the initial CD release the track was titled as “My Heel Has A Beard”!!!) “PP746-3” (C1, 19:33) is a looooong space travel to some faraway Asteroid, it’s a more ‘progressive’ tune with some mind-blowing keyboards but still buried into the Deep Space, it’s a Cosmic Space Rock tune! The last one is “MTSST” (D1, 23:11), Sitar at Space Rock’s Majesty Service! An inspired jam-a-like journey to the Eastern hemisphere of the planet, psychedelically trippy, creating an unbelievable lunar sonic landscape, spaying the atmosphere with a unique sound color that smells like incense, this is Exotically Cosmique Space Raga Rock! So, if you’re going to buy this, you must be extra cautious! This album, this music is Addictive! You’re going to stuck here! You’re going to search for other releases by ØSC… You’ve been warned! Good Space Rock Records are Hard to Find and This is One of them! (TimeLord Michalis)   



Label: Space Rock Productions

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g, Gatefold, Hand Numbered, Black Vinyl, 120 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g, Gatefold, Hand Numbered, Blue Vinyl, 159 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g, Gatefold, Hand Numbered, Yellow Vinyl, 104 copies

Release Date: 23 March 2019



A1 Good Planets Are Hard To Find 11:20
A2 Space Fountain 8:51
B1 Orbital Elevator 16:12
B2 My Beard Has A Heel 5:58
C1 PP746-3 19:33
D1 MTSST 23:11







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