05 April 2019

THE SPACIOUS MIND – The No. 4 Or 5 Gravy Band 2019 (LP Essence Music)


The Spacious Mind – One of Sweden’s Highest Psych Secrets – is back with a new album since 2014’s “Greazy Green And Stoney Lonesomes Vol.1” (note: their latest release is 2018’s “The Drifter”, but this is a collection with rare, live and unreleased stuff). It is released on Limited and Special Art Edition Vinyl through Essence Music and the label states: “After years in the making, we are thrilled to announce the new and long-awaited offering from the unrivaled masters of Swedish psychedelia! Mysterious, shamanistic and spellbinding with a scent of cinnamon. Jamming and hypnotic drenched in fuzz glory. A dream-come-true”.

The Album consists of just 3 songs/compositions and it kicks off with “The Cinnamon Tree” (13:01), a mystical and dark start with an improvised experimental mood, druggy atmosphere, hazy whispering vocals, all together driving the track deep into unknown psych musical paths, a fascinating psychedelic cryptic terrene liturgy! A rather experimental tune closes the first side, “You Don’t Know It But You Are” (7:38) uses various percussion soundings creating an intense “Careful With That Ax Eugene” atmosphere and transforming into a naked industrialized version of “One Of These Days”, lusting to listen to the dark voice warning me “one of these days I will cut you into little pieces”, but in vain! Side ‘B’ occupies just one song, “Creekin’ At The Goose” (19:07), it starts with a blast of sounds that are exploding in your face, causing the waking up from the psychedelic lethargy you’ve been to with the 2 other tracks, soon the soundscape becomes experimentally Space under a creepy-like environment entering a hypnotically trippy jamming session-like with some interesting over-driven fuzzy guitar sounds and blending a Shamanic Doors-like pattern with a tremendous guitar sound that is taken straight out of the “Stoned Guitar” album (by The Human Instinct), transforming into a tribal-istic burning balloon but instead of falling into earth, this one is heading up, up to the faraway horizon, a track that makes “Gravity” absent! In conclusion, this is a very “inner” or “outer” TRIPPY album, depending on which side of the Solar System you are! (TimeLord Michalis)



Label: Essence Music

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl, die-cut cover with double 12″ cardboard insert, 100 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, White Vinyl, die-cut cover with double 12″ cardboard insert, 100 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Orange/black speckled vinyl*, with special “leather” cover housing the standard die-cut cover & insert, with an additional 12″ painting and bonus CD-R entitled “Oh, The Fragmentary Marches Of Bells, Greens & Dolls”, 99 copies (*The colors of the artwork on the die-cut cover for this edition are slightly different in tone (more yellow-ish) compared to the other two versions)

Release Date: 11 Feb 2019



A1 The Cinnamon Tree 13:01
A2 You Don’t Know It But You Are 7:38
B1 Creekin’ At The Goose 19:07



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