17 June 2019

HEAVY MOON – Heavy Moon 14 2019 (CD Arachnidiscs Recordings)



Almost 1 year after “Heavy Moon 13” (July 2018) and 6 months after the compilation “Infinity 2007-2018” (Dec 2018), Jakob Rehlinger – Mastermind and Pilot of the space-vehicle Heavy Moon – throws in the market “Heavy Moon 14”. As usual, everything is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jakob Rehlinger at AUX13, New Toronto. The album consists of 8 space-missiles and it kicks off with “Atom Bomb Mother”, the keyboard sound on this one can easily bend your mind and lead all liquefied brain cells to evaporate in the atmosphere… What an absolute lysergically Psychedelic Space tune! “Burnt Side Of The Moon” starts… Deep in a faraway abandoned planet is a jungle, a dark one, a creepy one, transmitting Heavy Sounds, a deeply spacey effected tune under a slow psychic environment with billions of shimmering space-bubbles, filling the emptiness with Oxygen! Weird, slightly experimental and Trippy! Back to normality, back to the basics with “Vermillion Dawn 1”. Pure virgin sweet 70s Space Rock under a dreamy intergalactic soundscape, intentionally crossing the thin segregative line between Space and airy Prog-Rock, with a mission to get us as close to the red center/core of Chronos! Under a serene and relaxing space motive, “Wasteland Sunset” starts in an almost hallucinogenic way, it’s like you’re already at the 3rd Ring, drawing away from Saturn with an intensely sad and reminiscent feeling. “Quantum Locomotive” is another sweet old space-proggy tune (mid-‘70s Hawkwind period) with a slice of Kraut, flirting with the “Animals” era of Pink Floyd under Jean Michel Jarre’s supervision! On “Trans Wasteland Express” Jakob, once more, unwraps his unique capability making your mind projecting pictures just by the first note or sound he’s making! You’re in Space (where else?), the ultimate darkness breaks by a red burning meteorite, making its course to the unknown. It seems you’re safe, miles away, inside your spaceship, observing the Infinite Space! “Vermillion Dawn 2” is another spacey-effected Prog tune, slowly developing a beautiful melody, this is exactly the music you’ll get if you have book the Doors to play relaxing druggy Space-Rock music! There’s an astral-storm coming your way while you’re watching the Riders approaching… Eventually the album closes with “Atomic Crucible”, an improvised Space (of course!) tune with tons of effected spacey sounds, under a monotone but super delicate musical background, it feels like you’re on the last floor (roof-garden) of a Space Station, located in the Dark Side of the Moon, the ceiling is made of glass so you can look the Stars, and while all people/visitors/personnel is staring, there’s this band  playing “assorted” music, the band is called… HEAVY MOON! Surely, “Heavy Moon 14” is the most Space-a-delicious Album you’ll come across this year! RECOMMENDED! (TimeLord Michalis)



Label: Arachnidiscs Recordings

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, 300 copies

Release Date: 3 June 2019



1 Atom Bomb Mother 7:12
2 Burnt Side 6:16
3 Vermillion Dawn 1 5:40
4 Wasteland Sunset 6:40
5 Quantum Locomotive 4:58
6 Trans Wasteland Express 5:28
7 Vermillion Dawn 2 5:45
8 Atomic Crucible 11:27


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