22 January 2020

ELECTRIC LOOKING GLASS – Death Of A Season / Someday Soon 2019 (7” Hypnotic Bridge Records)



I happen to know Arash Mafi (Organ player) from his previous band experience, the Psychedelic Baroque Pop trio, Pansies which they released a brilliant LP in 2017 (“Cascade Of Colors”), so when I saw him with this new band, my curiosity aroused about this new adventure of his. Electric Looking Glass is a fresh baroque pop quartet from LA and with this 7inch they are introducing themselves to the world. It’s Brent Randall on Bass/Vocals, Arash Mafi on Organ/Mellotron/Vocals, Danny Winebarger on Guitar/Vocals and Johnny Toomey on Drums… The feeling I get by this astonishing Single is very… Analog! Sure, both sides are sounding very 60s! It’s hard to believe that these 2 songs are nowadays recordings! And this is good! But what about the music? “Death Of The Season” except the amazing Sixties atmosphere, it’s full of melodic sounds by guitars and Hammond/Mellotron, referring to the yesteryears of that beloved West Coast late 60s Psych scene, though the whole track is filled with some British melancholy (if that makes any sense)! On “Someday Soon” the scenery has already moved to the other side of the ocean. This is the sunny side of London (yes, if you search hard you can find one), the Kinks’ presence is all over, I can distinguish a little Beatlesque atmosphere too, though, towards the end, the guitar transports the listener back to California! This is a Fresh and most Promising view on yesterday’s music by a bunch of some cool Dandies and I can hardly wait for their debut LP! RECOMMENDED! (TimeLord Michalis)



Label: Hypnotic Bridge Records

Format: 7”, Limited Edition, 500 copies

Release Date: 25 May 2019



A Death Of A Season 4:30
B Someday Soon 4:24



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