09 March 2020

ELECTRIC LOOKING GLASS – Daffodil Tea Shoppe/Dream A Dream 2020 (7” 13 O’Clock Records)



Fresh off of their recent debut single on Hypnotic Bridge Records, here comes the second single from the Electric Looking Glass! This newer Los Angeles quartet serves up a double A-sider with a couple of dandy gems loaded with 60’s-style baroque psychedelic flashes and smothered with sugar-coated pop-psych goodness! Both jangly pop songs delivered with all the trimmings, from Mellotron and piano punctuations on to well-crafted vocal harmonies. A confectionery two-sider sure to appease your sweet tooth cravings!”

Electric Looking Glass, four “Hip” dandies, hailing from L.A. (and heading to the 60s), dressed in their latest 60s fashion style (wow!), are presenting their 2nd 7-inch release – their debut LP will follow, hopefully soon! (Review of their 1st Single:) Their fresh Baroque 60s Pop-Psychness is all over here too… “Daffodil Tea Shoppe” (what a remarkable 60s title for a song!) is a lovely amazing tune that blinks an eye to the sunny ‘Sike’ side of 1967’s London, bringing to mind a fine mix of Factory, July and Tomorrow! Also, The Small Faces and Procol Harum are stating their presence too, and all these in just 4 minutes! Superb! On “Dream A Dream” we move to the sunny coast of California staying in the same time-frame of course which is 1967-1968. A wonderful Pop-Psych song that brings to mind Sagittarius, Association, The Free Design, a tune with a kind of melancholic and nostalgic feeling dressed with a majestic orchestrated sound that makes you wonder if this is another excerpt from “A Teenage Opera”… So, the question here is “How you’d like your Tea my darling?” and there’s only one answer “Daffodilly Baroque-a-delic!!!” Desperately waiting for their LP album! TimeLord Michalis


Label: 13 O’Clock Records

Format: 7”, Limited Edition

Release Date: 3 Jan 2020



A Daffodil Tea Shoppe 4:02
AA Dream A Dream 4:03


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