22 March 2020

HEAVY MOON – Heavy Moon 16 (2020, CD Kosmische Musikprodukte)


Jakob Rehlinger – the Man behind Heavy Moon – keeps on feeding us with Space Rock music since 2006. Heavy Moon 16 is his latest release. Jacob is welcoming us with his own characteristic way: “Welcome to the Hotel Maliformia. We hope you enjoy your stay in Suite 16, where our guests find a secret passageway to the astral plane. This is the sixteenth album by Heavy Moon. This time I am joined by my fellow Stargoon Kayla Milmine on sax”.

As always, everything is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jakob Rehlinger at AUX13, New Toronto, roughly October – April 2019. The gear that Jakob used for this recording: Fender Telecaster, Fender Precision Bass, Tanglewood TW73, Zoom G5n, MS-60B, MS-50G, MS-70CDR, NUX Mod Core, Electro-Harmonix Mel9, Roland JD-Xi, Yamaha Reface CP, Yamaha Reface YC, Roland TD-6V.

“Heavy Moon 16” consists of just 3 long spaced-out tunes. “Astral Passages” (18:10) starts slowly in a rather trippy and relaxing way while the Sax perfectly blends with a Spacey musical motive that Jakob creates with his “electronic toys”! Filled with a jazzy fusion aura, the last 8 minutes, the scenery becomes extra Space-Rock and harmonizes with the title of this tune, actually, the whole soundscape acts like an Astral Passage in a faraway universe. The trippy intergalactic spacey “Southbound Drifter” (9:37) follows… A tune that in a relaxing and let-loose way flirts with “Riders On The Storm” melody! Superb! On “Notre Damnation” (11:40) the scenery becomes dark and scary (still spacey though), it’s like entering a spiral black hole without knowing what is on the other side, the music becomes faster and faster and then slower and slower, the track ends, leaving you in the wonder of the “other side”… An enjoyable Classic Space Rock album that is going… To Be Continued… In other words, looking forward to Number 17! TimeLord Michalis



Label: Kosmische Musikprodukte

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Pro-duped disc in a cardboard sleeve

Release Date: 17 February 2020



1 Astral Passages 18:10
2 Southbound Drifter 9:37
3 Notre Damnation 11:40



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