06 April 2020

SKY CRIES MARY – Secrets Of A Red Planet (2020, CD Trail Records)


Hailing from Seattle’s Space-Psych Rock scene, Sky Cries Mary is releasing their 11th studio album “Secrets Of A Red Planet” through New York’s exclusive Source of World Psychedelic Music, Trail Records!!! The press release reads: “Secrets of a Red Planet began as a 3-day improvisation recorded and engineered at Sound house (Seattle, Washington) by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Skinyard). Lead singer Roderick Wolgamott describes his lyrics as “personal and autobiographical, yet rooted in the mystical Persian tradition. Through vocal expression, we are consciously traveling Centuries in Minutes”. Founding member Ben Ireland wanted “to create something brave and gorgeous, so we took a lot of risks, taking care to avoid clichés. Each member brought a high level of musicianship to the sessions. A cosmic telepathy of sorts evolved our music into orchestral compositions.”… The band will also release a short film based on the single Trapeze Dancers, a collaboration with Portland artists COASTAL STATES and Eye Contact Maui.”

“Secrets Of A Red Planet” consists of just 6 tracks from 3 to 12 minutes long. The album starts on a creepy, scary and extra spacey effected way with “Waves Of Mourning” (7:31min), a tune that slowly becomes a dynamic Space Rocker! Under a mysterious spacey trippy soundscape, “Die Or Laughter” (12:35min) slowly unfolds a tremendous torturous Space-Rock motive with a “tons of things” happening in the background. “Intermezzo” (3:50min) is a deep and deadly dark spacey-effected biochemical electronic experiment! The highlight – for me – over here is the next one, entitled “Trapeze Dancer” (11:45min), it starts as a drum-machine based danceable space-rock tune, a song ideal for aspiring DJs at Enterprise’s Ballroom! But, progressively the track becomes spacey-trippy and mind-bending and then changes to Acid-Space while all of a sudden you catch yourself “floating” into space… The scenery becomes once more dark and creepy on “Drunken Pilot” (9:23min), while the pilot tries to start the engine, the singer reads his “cursed” poem, a rather experimental take-off… Lyrics like “I’m just a drunken pilot with nowhere to go, I can hear the grass grow” make this tune a self-exploration one, that “projects” various colorful shapeless images to your brain! The album closes with “Born From My Mouth” (9:14min), a more Space-Rock oriented tune with spacey bubbles and melancholic bass lines, a weird and kind of mysterious tune, full of psychness that for the last 4 minutes turns into a Space Punk-Rock dynamite! In conclusion, “Secrets Of A Red Planet” is a mind-expanding sonic journey that shouldn’t be missed by Earth people… TimeLord Michalis


Label: Trail Records

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, 300 copies

Release Date: 25 March 2020



1 Waves of Mourning 7:31
2 Die of Laughter 12:35
3 Intermezzo 3:50
4 Trapeze Dancer 11:45
5 Drunken Pilot 9:23
6 Born from my Mouth 9:14


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