08 April 2020

DIRE WOLVES – Flow And Heady (2020, LP/3CD Cardinal Fuzz Records/Feeding Tube Records)




Label: Cardinal Fuzz Records/Feeding Tube Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Transparent Green Vinyl (Include a giant full-color A2 poster), 200 copies*

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Random Color Marble Vinyl, 300 copies*

*[All come with bonus Download Content featuring the 2 extra concerts of the CD edition]

Format: 3CD, Album, Limited Edition (Includes 2 extra concerts, Die Friese, Bremen, 6th September and Rhiz, Vienna, 9th September), 60 copies

Release Date: 17 April 2020


In September of 2019, Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band were sallying (and “conquering” to my humble opinion) Europe with a few tour dates. For all us that “missed” the call and didn’t catch the band live, Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records took care of it through this magnificent release. The CD Edition comprises 3 live gigs. Die Friese – Bremen on the 6th September, Rhiz – Vienna on the 9th of September and the Live at the Festival Of Endless Gratitude on Friday 13 September 2019 which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The last one* (Copenhagen) is being released as a vinyl LP and this is the one that we are going to deal with over here. All these aforementioned concerts are featuring Nick Rayne (of The Myrrors) on guitar and clarinet. The other Dire Wolves who did participate here are Jeffrey Alexander (guitar, voice, fife, wooden sax), Sheila Bosco (drums, harmonica), Brian Lucas (bass) and Bell Lungs (violin, voice, bird calls). “Flow And Heady” consist of just 3 tracks, 1 on side A and the rest 2 on side B. “Flow And Heady – By The Fireside” (19:11) is slowly been built upon a free-form and super hallucinogenic hazy rhythm with a superb improvisational electric guitar solo at the front (simultaneously there’s tons of guitar feedback at the back), sporadic female voices and noises are all over the place, this is a long jam, live on stage, becoming mystical towards its end with a feeling that the Great Shaman is going to end the Ceremony! On side B, “Let The Dog See The Rabbit” (9:15), continues from where exactly the previous stopped. The scenery becomes darker but in a colorized lysergic way, the Ceremony has not ended. Now, the time is up, for the Sacred Litany… The whole place/atmosphere is bathed with some mind-expanding complex electric guitar sounding, blended with violin and clarinet sounds, it seems that they’re trying to figure out if the instruments have any “limit”… On the last track “Dr. Esperanto” (10:06), the band uses the same motive, the same electric sounding patterns but now the sound has been sharper, more acidly drenched, more Cosmic! So, this album is guaranteed if you’re into some mind-blowing free form acid kosmiche folkish spiritualized improvised music!  Transcendent and Heady indeed!

*Well, more or less, the same atmospheric soundscapes are being created at the other 2 live gigs which you will have the chance to download them into your computer when getting this ASTONISHING Vinyl LP! Αn Attunedly harmonized Record!!! TimeLord Michalis



Flow & Heady LP
A1 Flow & Heady > By The Fireside 19:11
B1 Let The Dog See The Rabbit 9:15
B2 Dr. Esperanto 10:06
Bremen (Sept 6. 19) (CD/Download)
2.1 Living On Tupla Time (Breezy Take) – For Moses 13:24
2.2 Look Into Her Eyes 9:56
2.3 Forest Of Tiny Sounds (Heavy Jam) 11:33
2.4 Enter Quietly 9:31
2.5 Airways (Thicker) 9:40
Vienna (Sept 8. 19) (CD/Download)
3.1 Love Everyone (Vienna Nodder) 15:47
3.2 Transcendental Journey From Short To Wave – No Chaser 16:04
3.3 I Control The Weather 10:18



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