07 September 2020

PRANA CRAFTER – Morphomystic (2020, LP Cardinal Fuzz Records/Feeding Tube)




Label: Cardinal Fuzz Records/Feeding Tube

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Heavy Black Vinyl, Gloss Laminated Outer Sleeve, 500 copies

Release Date: 18 Sep 2020

The exciting new release of Prana Crafter’s William Sol is called “Morphomystic” and is here to put our minds into that cosmic-psych-blender causing a wondrous psychotic refreshing human-acid-juice!!!

The press release reads:

“Prana Crafter is William Sol, a musical mystic who blends the raw energies of nature with guitars, synthesizers, singing bowls, and a dose of flow-consciousness. The resulting sonic nectar flows out from the amplifier, cascading in the mind of the listener, splashing mantras against the listener’s third ear. Some music is meant to entertain, to be consumed like flashing patterns on a TV screen. Not so with the music of Prana Crafter. This music is a sonic-tapestry of energies that are meant to envelop the listener and deliver a message that, as Sol puts it, cannot be known through symbol or through sign.

Likened to artists across the psychedelic and folk spectrums – Popul Vuh, Agitation Free, Six Organs/Ben Chasny, – Sol’s self-professed mentors-in-spirit Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and Manuel Göttsching are present as well in familiar and surprising ways. In review, it has been said that Prana Crafter’s music is “an example of psych-folk at its finest” (Raven Sings the Blues), “like a long lost pressing from the early 70s, it’s a mist-shrouded mysterious meditation” (Shindig Magazine), and even that, “few other musicians are making music as ambitious and genuine as Prana Crafter” (The Active Listener).

Will has said he thinks of himself as a conduit when recording and with ‘MorphoMystic’ Prana Crafter are creating truly Cosmic Music, a synthesized mediation – think if you will of Terry Reilly and Sandy Bull blending their hypnotic energy flow together. ‘MorphoMystic’ is a 35-minute kosmische inspired acid opus that lets your mind venture in the slipstream, between the viaducts of your dream before gently floating you back down to earth”.

The album consists of 6 tracks and the sonic adventure starts with “Rebirth In The Mosslands”, in a slow and kind of industrialized way with various sounds from compatible and noncompatible instruments, a scenery is created, scary, improvisational, and quite experimental with a f@cking repeated haunted melody… Is this a New Age of Psych? … With “Pyramid Peak” there’s a futuristic turn to the already mind-flowing musical Trip. A synthesized Kosmische Trip to the Kraut mid-70s with a hypnotic feel. The whole thing here acts as an ancient Space-Mantra reproduced with today’s musical technology while at the end you get the feeling of a giant space worm digging its hole trying to reach the surface… The sound on “Chalice Of The Fungal Sage” remains experimental but know it becomes heavier under a daze hazy noisy background that is created by millions of guitar fingerings… The scenery changes again on “A Path Is Where You Make It”, kind of dreamy with a few “space-hummingbirds” and a relaxing guitar melody but with a cold and isolated touch. “Ears To Our Earth” introduces a collage of sounds, human and not human, earthly and not earthly, a strong eerie experimental tune, indeed! The album closes with “Sing Us A Lullaby” with a dreamy peaceful and relaxing acoustic melody and an intense “summer” feel, a very different track from all previous in the album… “Morphomystic” is a mystical morphed psych tip to the nearby unknown weirdness… Grab it… TimeLord Michalis  



1 Rebirth In The Mosslands 6:05
2 Pyramid Peak 8:32
3 Chalice Of The Fungal Sage 7:51
4 A Path Is Where You Make It 3:05
5 Ears To Our Earth 3:45
6 Sing Us A Lullaby 2:29


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