30 November 2020

OC & THE ONLY BAND – Rough (2020, EP Digital Decadencia Records)




Label: Decadencia Records

Format: Digital, EP, Bandcamp

Release Date: 9 Nov 2020

OC & The Only Band is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Osmar Cubillas, hailing from Lima, Peru, a project that was born in quarantine, bringing together various musical influences, textures, and melodies through experimentation in music and recording. “Rough” is the first of two EPs recorded during the pandemic, which he’s planning to release in physical format early next year through his own label Decadencia Records (a label that has already put out a number of tapes from bands that range from Hardcore/Punk to Stoner Rock). All 5 tracks of “Rough” were recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Osmar Cubillas at Decadencia Records Mobil studio between July – October 2020. The front cover artwork was made by Richard Nossar (an old “web” friend of mine from the Days of Don Juan Matus and Tribu). Osmar told me that he also participated in the recording of the Tribu album. I asked Osmar about the low-fi sounding of the EP and he replied: “… well the low- fi sound is because I recorded 80% of the production in an old 4-channel Tascam, I like the tape sound and the atmosphere that create, it’s a natural low- fi sound…”

“Walking Home” has a cool floating melody played by keys, a distorted background full of beats, bass, and guitar soundings, the scenery becomes chaotically psych after half of the song, needless to say, that everything is covered by a huge ‘experimental’ cloak! “Asleep At Work” starts with some bubbling spacey effects, under a trippy but scary n’ cold musical motive, quite experimental with lots of weird interesting noises at the back, a track that surely flirts with an Avant-garde side of Space-Rock! “Surf Your Life” is a little fuzzy cool song – this one has lyrics – a social cry full of Lo-Fi Psychness! “The Big Wave” develops a Psych and incredibly ‘Stoned’ (no Stoner) soundscape, under a trippy veil, emerging a sad and cold feeling, becoming dreamy with an eerie ‘industrialized’ kind of energy floating in the air, unexpectedly ending like an Einsturzende Neubauten tune! The EP closes with a rather strange tune called “What’s Wrong With Me”, a sonic mess of noises and sounds and beats and rhythms and fuzzy distorted guitars… So, if you’re into some exciting and rather interesting Lo-Fi Experimental Psych-Rock, “Rough” will definitely not disappoint you! TimeLord Michalis



1 Walking Home 5:09
2 Asleep At Work 4:11
3 Surf Your Life 2:14
4 The Big Wave 6:26
5 What’s Wrong With Me 2:53



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