21 January 2021

THE TENDERFEET – The Girl I Never Had (2021, 7” EP Lost In Tyme Records)




Label: Lost In Tyme Records

Format: 7”, EP, 300 copies

Release Date: 11 January 2021

In the long term tradition of rock ‘n’ roll music, Garage has a special place, not only for its authenticity but also because it is one of the genres that appeared twice in the history of this music. Revival emerged in the eighties and has a significant presence up to this day. Greece is not out of the map with characteristic bands like Last Drive, Frantic V, Sound Explosion, etc.

The recent, first 7” release of the Greeks “The Tenderfeet” from Volos is more than promising for the band. It’s an EP with 2 songs on each side, the self-titled “The Girl I Never Had” and “Descent” on the side ‘A’ and “You’re Leaving Tomorrow” and “Take Some Time” on side ‘B’. The equally shared style of this single between the original and revival sound is by all means fascinating. Melodic sixties sound with the vocals of Alex plus the wonderful l backing vocals meets the sound of the pure revival with a solid rhythm section and a catchy guitar, special mention must be made to the Farfisa organ which seals the result indelibly. The highlight of this single is according my opinion “Descent”*, a track where the collaboration of the musicians is with no doubt at its peak.

Invest in the garage sound of the Greeks “Tenderfeet”, you will not be disappointed. Socrates Matthaiopoulos

* “Descent” was originally released in 1967 by The Joys Of Life and released as a  Single with “Good Times Are Over” on side ‘B’.



A1 The Girl I Never Had 2:39
A2 Descent 2:08
B1 You’re Leaving Tomorrow 2:15
B2 Take Some Time 2:54


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