08 March 2021

DER PETUNIENMANN VON METALUNA VIER – Archie The Robot (2021, CD Bellerophon Records)




Label: Bellerophon Records

Format: CD, Album (comes in jewel case with booklet including liner notes by Archie Patterson)

Release Date: 28 Feb 2021


So, what we have here is another adventure by the multi-talented persona of Mr. Jean d’Auberlaque. Besides being CEO for Bellerophon Records, he is also “associated” with numerous bands/projects like Eisberg, Helicon WAVE, Das blaue Palais, Ümit, and The Orpheus Replica. And of course, the infamous dPvM4, which decodes to Der Petunienmann von Metaluna 4! “Archie The Robot” is a full-length CD album with liner notes by Archie Patterson. The album is dedicated to Krautrock, actually is an ode to Krautrock and it contains new songs and cover versions. Jean called this a “Disaster” and who am I to disagree? … hehehe… 3 Legendary Kraut bands are being “executed” here, Mythos, Faust, and Amon Düül! With an experimental attitude and an “improvisational feel” the band offers new electronically flavored Krauty music while the covers are sharp, inspirational, and quite up-to-date, making the final result very pleasant to the ears and the mind and who knows maybe this one will be the “sparkle” for “new” listeners to go back and check the 1975 “Dreamlab” LP by Mythos, or “Faust IV” from 1973, or Amon Düül’s “Paradieswärts Düül” from 1971… For more info, go ask Archie, The Robot… a friend of mine… TimeLord Michalis



A1 Kraut und Rüben (Part 1) 1:23
A2 Dedicated to Wernher von Braun (Mythos Cover) 6:28
A3 Kraut und Rüben (Part 2) 1:28
A4 Krautrock (Faust Cover) 11:48
A5 Kraut und Rüben (Part 3) 1:35
B1 Snow your Thirst and Sun your Open Mouth (Amon Düül Cover) 9:20
B2 Kraut und Rüben (Part 4) 1:26
B3 Kinder des Weltalls (dedicated to The Cosmic Jokers) 3:23
B4 Meson Cristallis 1:54
B5 Archie The Robot 0:38



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