10 March 2021

KORB – Korb (2021, LP Necio Records)




Label: Necio Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180 gram, With with Blue Splatter Vinyl (comes with Special Insert), 100 copies

Release Date: 31 January 2021


The debut self-titled “Korb” album was originally a CD-only release back in 2018 but now the time has come for a vinyl release – a super extra limited one – by Peruvian label Necio Records. The press release reads:

“Necio Records and Korb are proud to announce the long-awaited release of Korb’s eponymously titled debut album on vinyl. Previously only available on CD from Dreamlord Recordings, Necio Records is now releasing the album on limited edition 180g white and blue splatter vinyl. After the sell-out success of Korb II, released on Weird Beard in 2020,

the first Korb album has already sold out its initial pre-order run, with the first 100 fans getting their names printed on the album insert. The remaining copies of the album will be available from Korb’s Bandcamp page…

Bio – Korb’s Krautrock/Kosmische sound is created by Jonathan Parkes and Alec Wood and is the culmination of years of diverse sonic experimentation. While influenced by classic 70s Krautrock and soundtrack music, Korb create their own distinctive sound using a range of both vintage and modern analogue synths, vintage drums, percussion, bass, guitar, organ, and fx pedals. Parkes and Wood also record as Mutante (synth/electronic), and Arboria (electro/acoustic), released on Dreamlord Recordings”…

“Korb” kicks off with “Voyager”, an instrumental – as all tracks over here – mid-tempo and electronically drenched with lots of spacey effects and a huge 70s Prog veil that covers everything and there’s that superb ‘beat’ reminding the Kraut influences of the band. With “Power Structure”, Korb’s Krauty influences are clearly shown, a rhythmic neo-krauty tune with an extraordinary ‘monolithic’ beat that perfectly blends with that stunning sharp guitar sound. “Shapeshifter” is less Krauty but with tons of Prog-Acid guitar sounding, trying to enter the forbidden Psych-Space zone… “Earth Ritual” has a more laid-back landscape, slow-burning electric guitar sound, and a very strange combination of a dreamy & distorted environment, very Kosmiche-like… “Teleforce” is an adventurous trippy n’ tricky rhythmic tune with an electric guitar sounding that moves into the experimental improvisational ground, a track that becomes Krautically Space towards its end… “Megalith” with its spacey intro indicates an electronic toxic environment, becoming ‘controlled’ Heavy, emerging a strong Space-Prog 70s feeling. My personal highlight here is “Setjen To Condor”, with a brilliantly sonic intergalactic soundscape, very cinematic (images from “Midnight Express” comes to mind), a mind-blowing psychedelically Spaced-Out Trip! The album closes with another strong moment, the electronically Krauted ‘sophisticated’ experiment of “Korbs First Android”… A stand-out album that deserves further exploration by all of you Electronic-Heavy-Krauty-Prog Analog freaks out there! TimeLord Michalis



1 Voyager 6:07
2 Power Structure 4:58
3 Shapeshifter 6:23
4 Earth Ritual 4:28
5 Teleforce 5:45
6 Megalith 4:18
7 Setjen to Condor 5:05
8 Korbs First Android 5:24





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