13 May 2021

SCREAMING BONES – Be Patient (2021, Digital Bandcamp, Self-Released) 




Label: Self-Released

Format: Digital, Album, Bandcamp

Release Date: 6 April 2021


Behind Screaming Bones is just one man, his name is Mike and he is coming from Darmstadt, Germany. He likes to stay in his room and experiment with guitars and loop machines and this is what is all about with “Be Patient”, instrumental music that he recorded on his own, music that sometimes people tell him is “plain weird”, but this is what he likes to do, at least at this period of his creative music life!

“Be Patient” consists of 6 tracks and it kicks off with “Rant”, a raw, guitar-based, and psych-related impro instro. “Misty Journey” is a more laid-back tune, but still heavy and electric, becoming kind of trippy, acting like some acid raga that lost its way to the colorful corridors of Psych… “Buds” is another electric-guitar trippy impro, sentimental with an isolated feel. “Soft Blade” dives more into a deep Psych scenery, hallucinogenically Trippy! Next comes “Blues”, full electrical and full Bluesy! The album closes with the self-titled “Be Patient”, a sharp Psych-O-Active tune, improvisational, experimental, and quite Spacey! In conclusion, “Be Patient” is a Psych-Loner album that may help some of you visiting the Altered States of your Mynd… Give it a try… And of course for a good listening result follow Mike’s suggestion: If you enjoy some herbal refreshments while listening to music, I strongly encourage you to do so when you listen to my tunes”… TimeLord Michalis



1 Rant 4:01
2 Misty Journey 6:25
3 Buds 7:37
4 Blues 6:07
5 Soft Blade 6:24
6 Be Patient 8:09


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