01 June 2021

DWLVS – Lost Bolinas Sessions (2021, LP Pome Pome Tones)




Label: Pome Pome Tones

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Fancy black on black faux-marble splatter Vinyl with Hand silkscreened covers, 100 copies

Release Date: 17 June 2021 


Jeffrey Alexander, Master Mind behind Dire Wolves, is back with a wonderful fantastic gift-release ONLY-VINYL album, that is going to be released on Jeffrey’s birthday, June 17, 2021, intended for the first 100 fans/people/subscribers of the band’s page on Bandcamp, meaning that this LP vinyl will not be sold anywhere else! The informative press release, explains:

“DWLVS have been playing blown-out hazy lazy improvised spacehead music since 2008. Exploratory journeys, transportive trance-based experiments in vertical listening, totally collaborative and often forming spontaneous compositions. The focus is more about feeling than any specific approach to playing. Psychic rock for the mind and body: breathe deep and grow towards that light, dig.

We’ve had a great run of records these past few years on labels like Centripetal Force, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Cardinal Fuzz, and Feeding Tube. The pandemic has changed my outlook and I wanted to step back a bit and produce something myself, something small, for the folks who have been supporting me directly. So…

Here is a new, super-limited LP of all-exclusive never-heard-before magickal nuggets from the classic Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band lineup. It’s a tasty multi-tracked studio session recorded in a remote cabin in Bolinas CA, engineered by Glenn Donaldson of Red Pinks and Purples, Skygreen Leopards, etc. This session was sandwiched in a few weeks after the “Grow Towards The Light/Set Times” recording and a few weeks before laying waste to the 2018 Milwaukee Psych Festival tent”…

“Lost Bolinas Sessions” will not be available digitally, it is meant to be a tactile fan-club document, an objet d’art, beautifully hand-silkscreened by Neil Burke of Men’s Recovery Project. Very limited, indeed! The band in these sessions consists of Jeffrey Alexander (guitars, Moog, voice), Sheila Bosco (drums), Georgia Carbone (voice), Brian Lucas (bass), and Arjun Mendiratta (violin). “Lost Bolinas Sessions” consists of just 4 tracks, the opener “Big Mess Mindstorm”, is a 22:44 minute epic supper jam with the usual (and quite familiar to all Dire Wolves believers by now) psychedelic mind-expanding hallucinogenic-ally melting let-loose musical background with the superb and trippy voiceless vocals, the perfectly tight band unfolds a trippy lysergic improvised soundscape, becoming “controlled” electric-guitar heavy, playing mysterious tricks with your mind, and making you wanting to leave your body and start to dance with your other self! The music slowly is expanding, diving into a colorful psychedelic lake where huge mushrooms are emerging from the green waters, are they magical and healing or poisonous? Fuck… I think I lost myself here… “Porchwind” has a more tribal and earthly approach, normal (ha!) female vocals under a tremendous acoustic psychedelic atmospheric background, so cool! “The Sounding Line” is a mystical improvised let-loose instrumental flavored with supreme psychedelic percussion… The last one is called “Wood Chapman”, electric guitar-based, an improvised (of course) jam with a Sound that manages to move from the West Coast to the East and back, in just a few seconds! Another High Standard tune for the band! Surely, this album can create various chemical reactions inside your brain, with the acquainted effects… In other words, I don’t need Drugs, I have Dire Wolves’ music… In conclusion, the only thing that I can say about this 4-track album is, Acid Phantasmagoria in Four! TimeLord Michalis



A1 Big Mess Mindstorm 22:44
B1 Porchwind 3:15
B2 The Sounding Line 3:19
B3 Wood Chapman 14:44



Try your luck with the LP on DWLVS Bandcamp


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