01 June 2021

SENDELICA – And Man Created God (2021, 2LP/CD FdM Records/FRG Records)




Label: FdM Records/FRG Records

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl, Comes with a die-cut sleeve and printed inner bags with a large fold-out poster designed by elfin bow, 200 copies

Format: 2LP+Lathe Cut+CD, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl, Comes with a die-cut sleeve and printed inner bags with a large fold-out poster designed by elfin bow + ‘mystery’ black vinyl 8″ lathe cut + 2 track CD + signed A4 glossy print of album sleeve, 100 copies

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, Splattered Vinyl, Comes with a die-cut sleeve and printed inner bags with a large fold-out poster designed by Elfin Bow, 200 copies

Format: CD, Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Gatefold cover, 100 copies

Format: CD+USB Gift Set, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold cover with pic disc CD + Bonus printed USB stick with 25 demos & outtakes (Housed in a stickered foil bag), 50 copies

Release Date: 14 Aug 2021 


Sendelica, before the pandemic Covid-19 days, was one of the most hard-working bands, in releasing albums. During the pandemic days, in between lockdowns and curfews, they did find the way, to practice, jam, record, and release their musical inspirations… So, a new Sendelica album makes no surprise to all of us fans of instrumental Psych-Space-Rock… Sendelica are based in West Wales and the core band members are Pete Bingham on guitars & electronics, Glenda Pescado on bass, Meurig Griffiths on drums, Lee Relfe on sax, and Lord Armstrong Sealand on theremin & synths.

“And Man Created God” consists of 9 tunes, it starts in a slow futuristic way with “Aeolian Sunrise”, it has a cinematic feel and the band builds a Proggy-Ambient-like and Eastern-influenced Neo-Prog soundscape… On “Exodus From Ur”, the scenery becomes Space-Prog with a sharp Krauty attitude and a mood to experiment… On “Deuterosophia” the band makes another scenery-changing, serene, ambient music with a trippy beat and a gentle Sax sounding and an even more trippy guitar sound, creating a quiet relaxing atmosphere acting like an after-midnight let-loose jam that towards its end becomes cinematically orchestrated! “Mmt” has a cool ‘summer’ melody and a nice shimmering guitar sound, a tune that simultaneously flirts with Space-Rock and Prog-Rock… “Tainted God” is a Neo-Space-Prog anthem with a rhythmic beat, that sounds like a krauty version of a Hawkwind song, Superb!!! “The Seekers” is another cool improvised Space jam while “Illuminated Skies” has a heavier approach to the band’s Impro Space Rock, a rather adventurous orchestration too! The next one is my favorite song in here, it is called “Seren Golawr”, 11 minutes and 39 seconds of a fantastic slow spacey tune with lovely female vocals, a late-night Mind-Expanding Space-Prog Elegy! Eventually, the album closes with “Epilogue Sunset”, a mesmerizing guitar-based Heavenly Spacey jamming! “And Man Created God” is an album not to be missed from your Sendelica collection. “And Man Created God” is an album to start ideally your future Sendelica collection! And Man created God… And God created Sendelica… TimeLord Michalis



1 Aeolian Sunrise 8:00
2 Exodus From Ur 10:40
3 Deuterosophia 9:34
4 Mmt 8:02
5 Tainted God 11:34
6 The Seekers 6:28
7 Illuminated Skies 6:02
8 Seren Golawr 11:39
9 Epilogue Sunset 4:26


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