27 August 2021

TECHNICOLOR BLOOD – Technicolor Blood (2021, LP Le Backstore Records/Songs Of Phaedra)




Label: Le Backstore Records/Songs Of Phaedra

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Noir/Black Vinyl, 200 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Purple Haze Vinyl, 100 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Deep Purple Vinyl, 50 copies (vinyl offered online as part of a bundle)

Release Date: 31 May 2021


Technicolor Blood is a new Montreal-based band, came together in 2017, and featuring veteran “Rockers” Marty (ScatRag Boosters) on vocals, synths, and guitar, Boredom L (TheAversions) on bass and synths, Carl Ulrich (Dutch Oven) on drums, and Spacy Steph (Le Chelsea Beat) on guitar.

“Technicolor Blood” is their self-titled debut album and the label’s press release states: “Having previously released a pair of 7″ singles in 2018 and 2019, the Montreal space-rockers are back with a brand new, self-titled six-song 12″EP, clocking in at just over thirty minutes. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes soaring, the fuzz-riddled riffs, tremolo-fueled heavy-psych effects, and inspired synth work resulting in a solid mix of atmospheric frenzy”…

So, let’s see/listen to what we have here… The album takes off with “Last Night”, New-Age Space Rock filled with High Energy, presented in maximum Speed, and then after a couple of minutes there’s this short bridge that takes us into a 70’s Heavy Rock of Pure Space – Hawkwind comes to mind instantly… “Moebius” starts with a groovy but heavily distorted space-riff while the track develops a modernized Space-Rock scenery that sec after sec it comes sonically closer to the Masters of the Universe… There’s an electronically “synth-space” atmosphere on “Sonic Space Sister”, a tortured adventurous riff starts a musical Odyssey, a Trip back to the glory early 70s days where bands were in Search of Space, through numerous fluctuations this is a Heavy Space Trip that will manage to blow you away… Side B starts with the overpowered “War On Terror”, a hard spacey rollercoaster with the maximum speed that becomes toxically heavy and hazy towards its end. The environment on “Never Command” is still heavy, of course Spacey, but the band shows a more laid-back attitude, the heavy riffs are here, the Hawkwind-ized atmos too, this is a cool Space-Rocker that manages to explode and magically is been reconstructed again! The mini-album closes with “Prisoner”, this modern-aged Space Ritual is by now in full shape, the shape of a Space-Rocket fueled to the max on an expedition to the Edge of Time… “Technicolor Blood” is a satisfying Heavy Space Rock Trip and I’m getting really eager for their next move… TimeLord Michalis



A1 Last Night 3:35
A2 Moebius 4:17
A3 Sons Space Sister 8:23
B1 War On Terror 3:39
B2 Never Command 5:04
B3 Prisoner 4:19



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