28 August 2021

NIK TURNER – I Do What I Like (2021, LP/CD FRG Records)




Label: FRG Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Standart Vinyl Edition (Gatefold Single Splatter Vinyl LP)

Format: LP+CD, Album, Limited Edition, Deluxe Vinyl Edition (Gatefold Single Splatter Vinyl LP with 32 Page Booklet, Standard CD, Making of CD, 2 x A4 Posters, 2 x A2 Posters & Square Sticker), 50 copies

Format: LP+CD, Album, Limited Edition, Special Vinyl Edition (Gatefold Single LP with 16 Page Booklet, 1 x A4 Poster, 1 x A2 Poster & Square Sticker), 100 copies

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Deluxe CD Edition (Standard Digipak CD 32 Page Booklet, Making of CD, 2 x A4 Posters, 2 x A2 Posters & Square Stickers), 50 copies

Format: CD, Album, Standard Digipak CD Edition

Release Date: 6 Aug 2021


What an unexpected wonderful surprise! Legendary saxophonist Nik Turner join forces with Wales’ hottest band, Sendelica, and the result is this MIND-BLOWING LP album entitled “I Do What I Like” released through Sendelica’s own label, FRG Records. The musicians that took place in the recordings are Nik Turner (alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, flute & voice), Colin Consterdine (sounds, rhythms, atmospheres & magick), Pete Bingham (guitar solos and textures), Glenda Pescado (bass), Chris Mekon (cosmic electronics), and Matt Lloyd (guitar). All tracks were written by Consterdine & Nik Turner. Produced by Consterdine over the strange year of 2020, recorded at Matt Lloyds Bunker Studio & Chris May’s Sound. And mixed at Sunshine Heart Studio, Haverfordwest. “Cosmic Enchantment” & “Pyramid Magick” contain flute & voice recordings made by Nik in The Great Pyramid at Giza in 1978!!!

“I Do What I Like” contains just 6 compositions clock-ticking from 4 to 12 minutes! The album kicks off with “Been Misbehaving”, there’s a spoken intro with Nik’s characteristic deep voice, the Sax is freakin’ out from the very first sec while the rhythm section stays at the back doing all the heavy job, and all of a sudden everything is speeding up and a tremendous daemonic rhythm is flooding your mind’s Daedalus corridors… Under a slow druggy space intro, “Cosmic Enchantment” unfolds an almost ambient-sounding landscape with lots of Spacey Bubbles while progressively the track transforms into a shiny colorful Space Rocket leaving Earth’s orbit at a speed of light, what a fantastic improvisational futuristic modern Space-Rock theme! “Pyramid Magick” has a magical folkie-spacey and almost bucolic flute intro, an experimental ‘psych’ beat shows the way under some weird instrumentation, eerie sounds, scary scenery, a rather experimental trippy tune… Nik’s deep gentle voice introduces the self-titled “I Do What I Like”“I do what I like, I played with madness, I played my life, I worked my passage”… an ambient-spacey atmosphere on a rather sentimental autobiographical song… “Deep Space Jam” takes us back to the groovy funky unique amalgam of Free-Space-Rock sounds that Sendelica has invented and evolved for the last 20 years or so, offering to all of us through their Kozmique-Space Rock high-quality releases… This is a bad-ass Space-Jam! The album comes to an end with “Children Of The Evolution”, an adventurous and trippy tune, a “Sendelica Space Trip”, a perfect ideal ending… And I think I’m going to enjoy the company of Space Ritual LP right after this! Certainly, one of the best records of the pandemic 2021! TimeLord Michalis



A1 Been Misbehaving
A2 Cosmic Enchantment
B1 Pyramid Magick
B2 I Do What I Like
1 Been Misbehaving
2 Cosmic Enchantment
3 Pyramid Magick
4 I Do What I Like
5 Mrs Hawkwing’s Deep Space Jam
6 Mrs Hawkwing’s Children Of The Evolution
Making Of CD
1 I Did What I Wanted
2 Early Days
3 Been Misbehaving
4 Cosmic Enchantment
5 Pyramid Magick
6 I Do What I Like
7 Mrs Hawkwing
8 Cosmic Reflections


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