28 August 2021

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Music For Amphibians (2021, CD FdM Friends of the Fish CD Promo 13)



Label: FdM Friends of the Fish CD Promo 13

Format: CD, Album, Various Artists
Release Date:
13 September 2021

The grooviest label on the planet, which is Fruits de Mer Records has used its club members to such beautiful gifts, like this CD compilation over here. The CD will go FREE to all members that will order FdM’s September vinyl releases (“For The Moment vol.1” by Superfjord and “Parallel” by Pinhdar). Since this is neither the first time nor the last that FdM is doing this, you are strongly advised to become a member, as soon as possible! You’ll get all info needed at the label’s web page (www.fruitsdemerrecords.com). Here’s a look at the label’s press release to get an idea of what this comp is about:

“The third FdM members club exclusive compilation CD for 2021 is called ‘Music for Amphibians’ and is a 15 track introduction to eight new-to-FdM artists, along with some family favorites. From an acoustic instrumental to an all-out motorik assault, taking in some great guitar wig-outs along the way, and a jaw-dropping track from Revbjelde’s next album and ending with Gideon Coe favorites, Palooka 5.
We’ve scoured the world – from Italy to the USA, Germany to South Africa, Russia to Ireland – to bring you 78 minutes of music to warm the cockles of your heart (or the heart of your cockles, if you prefer). Just to confuse everyone, especially the CD duping house, I couldn’t decide which cover image to use on the CDs so I’m producing two versions and you’ll get one of them, at random”…

I think the important thing here is for people to have knowledge about these exciting bands (new and old), so I’ll make a short comment on each participation here and I will mention the link in order to go search and investigate the artist/bands of this CD comp…

1. Seven Rivers Of Fire – Starlight (Acoustic Folkie instrumental) (www.sevenriversoffire.bandcamp.com/releases)
2. The Superstars – Ghost Child (a cool piano-based Pop n’ Prog tune) (www.facebook.com/thesuperstarsmusic)
3. The Hologram People – Sun Breaks On Saturn’s Return (an eclectic mix of Ambient, Space, and Prog instrumental music) (www.dreamlordrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/the-hologram-people-sacred-ritual-to-unlock-the-mountain-portal)
4. Jim Griffin – Our New World Will Bathe In Ancient Light (new-aged, futuristic and shiny Space-Prog tune) (www.therangerandthecleric.bandcamp.com)
5. SilVer VialS – Blue Angel (shimmering sharp-edged Motorik Space Rock) (www.facebook.comsilvervials)
6. The Strange Happenings – Etched In Sand (psychic n’ bluesy with an intense late 60s west coast guitar sound) (www.thestrangehappenings.bandcamp.com)
7. Alain Pire Experience – Big Trees And Open Skies (a huge dive into the late 60s British superb Underground) (www.alain-pire.be)
8. Vibravoid – Wehrhahn Wah Wah (our standard dose of some Superior Op-Art Acid Rock Psychedelia, futuristic, ethereal, dreamy, and exceptional) (www.vibravoid.com)
9. Jeremy – Crack The Sky (improvised modern Space-Prog) (www.jamrecordings.com)
10. Revbjelde – A Common Treasure (experimental electronic psy-rock) (www.buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com)
11. Magnus Josefsson – The Map (dreamy and serene ambient-like soundscapes) (www.facebook.com/magnusjosefssonmusic)
12. Thought Bubble – The Waves (mysterious hypnotic tribalistic and Middle-Eastern flirting) (www.linktr.ee/thoughtbubble)
13. St. Kraut – Ann Without Hand (Krauty, trippy Space Rock) (www.stkraut.bandcamp.com)
14. Vert.x – U-NATURAL-ites (powerful and distortically Cosmic Space Rock) (www.vertx1.bandcamp.com/album/vert-x-the-orange-album)
15. (bonus track) Palooka 5 – Drive You Around (Clatterbox Space Mix) (a surfy-garagy stomper with a space-punky attitude) (www.palooka5.co.uk)
TimeLord Michalis



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