14 September 2021

“Xmas Will Soon Be Here” by PLANET OF LOVE (Patrick Campbell-Lyons)


Singer / Songwriter of the British Nirvana Patrick Campbell-Lyons has a new project called Planet Of Love. Last November (2020), Patrick wrote and released one of his best ever written songs, called “Don’t Make America Cry” (check the video here:). The follow-up to this song is another amazing tune with a Christmas spirit… “Xmas Will Soon Be Here” is worldly premiered here… Enjoy




“Xmas Will Soon Be Here” by Planet Of Love

Release date:  Monday, 20th Sept

Planet Of Love is a solo project of Patrick Campbell-Lyons (Nirvana)

The song is written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons. Track produced by Dimitris Roman 

Publishing Copyright control  prs/mcps/blue mountain music

Piano/Hammond Organ: Costas Stergiou

Guitars: Dimitris Roman and Patrick Campbell-Lyons

Drums: Nick Christopoulos and Costas Handros

Lead Vocal and Backing Voices: Patrick Campbell-Lyons

Artwork/filming: Semina Borodimou

Spotify Apple Distro Kid Facebook Youtube and other platforms.

Play it! Share it! Sing along while you dance. Happy xmas!



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