29 September 2021

COSMIC LETDOWN – Pustoid (2021, LP Clostridium Records)




Label: Clostridium Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Red Blue Marbled Vinyl, Handnumbered (comes with A2 poster, sticker & band-photo-card), 100 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180gram, Black Vinyl, Handnumbered (comes with A2 poster, sticker & band-photo-card), 200 copies

Release Date: 26 April 2021

Cosmic Letdown is a relatively new Space-Krauty-Rock band hailing from a place called Cheboksary in Russia. So far, they have released 3 albums, “Venera” in 2015, “In The Caves” in 2016, and “Pustoid” which was originally released in Digital format through Opium Eyes Records (June 2020) while German label Clostridium Records gives it a ‘physical’ vinyl release in April 2021. “Pustoid” contains 9 tracks clock ticking from 3:46 to 6:37 minutes. The album kicks off with “Planemo”, under a tight strong Space-Rock environment the band unfolds a touchy and extremely addictive musical Spacey background, so strong that their Russian vocals are passing by almost unnoticed! “Novyi Strannyi Mir” which translates to “New Strange World”, perfectly blends New Age Space Rock with a groovy and quite melodic Krauty uplifting rhythm with warm male vocals (their native Russian language is used, of course) and a cool vibrating and shining guitar sound! “Eschaton” uses the same Spacey colorful pattern but with the addition of an Acid pinch, creating a mind-melting Psych-Space Trip becoming mysteriously creepy-like giving you a dark religious feel! “Ya budu” (I’ll Be) is another cool tune with an adventurous Spacey background, enriched with some Psych vibes that are sprayed all over… “Tsunami” starts and the colorful mysterious Psych-guitar vibes are present here too, creating a superb Neo-Psych-Space-Age tune… On “Paranoia”, the Krauty beat returns (imagine “Mother Sky” intro), this is Space-Kraut music with a very Psych-o-magic rhythm scale, a quite uplifting tune… The next one is my personal highlight, it’s the self-titled “Pustoid” (translates to Voidoid), it’s a tune where Can meets up with The Ozrics on a Voyage 34 Trip! Amazing tune, a mind-bender, add a little Pink Floyd and mix with some Spacemen 3…wow!… there’s a strong flirt with Psychedelia over here and I wish they follow this path! “Tvoy Sled” (meaning “Your Trace”) is a more laid-back tune, still Spacey scenery, of course, Krauty but with a little Shoegaze psychness… The album closes in a dreamy peaceful and space-a-like environment with “Bezumie” (Madness), a drone-y shoegaze atmosphere… Russians are doing really Great with SPACE… and I’m looking forward to Cosmic Letdown’s next step… TimeLord Michalis 



1 Planemo 6:37
2 Novyi Strannyi Mir 4:10
3 Eschaton 4:22
4 Ya Budu 3:57
5 Tsunami 4:41
6 Paranoia 3:46
7 Pustoid 6:03
8 Tvoy Sled 4:11
9 Bezunie 5:14



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