30 September 2021

SULA BASSANA – Loop Station Drones (2021, CD Sulatron Records / 2LP Pancromatic Records)




Label: Sulatron Records / Pancromatic Records

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Fold-out Digisleeve with Download Code, 500 copies

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180 grams, Colored Vinyl with Download Code (scheduled for release in Spring 2022)

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021

Our beloved SpaceHead – Sula Bassana – is back with a new solo album and let’s take an idea of what is all about from the press release that Sulatron Records provided: “Sula did it again. A new album, recorded in 3 evenings. This time some Loop Station Drones. With guitar, effectpedals, 2 loopstations, 2 guitaramps, a syncable drumcomputer, a very old organ from GDR (Weltmeister TO 200/5), a very old synthesizer (Roland SH 5) and a modern one (Roland SE-02) Sula instantly composed 7 tracks. Later Sula cutted them down a little and made some very little overdubs. Roadburn Haze was exclusively made for the Roadburn Festival Redux in April 2021. Recorded at 28th of March, together with tracks 2 and 7.
Tracks 3-6 recorded at 13th and 14th of May for the Radio KFJC at home stream-concert. But only the first 3 of them appeared. These were filmed by Thierry Miguet for Wah Wah TV and you can watch it at his great Youtube channel. All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Sula Bassana (Dave Schmidt) in his Amöbenklangraum. Mastered by Eroc. Cover design by Sula”…

“Loop Station Drones” consists of just 7 tracks with a total duration of 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 19 seconds… The 15 min opener “Roadburn Haze” has a rather mystical intro, deeply Spacey effected, an improvisational experimental SPACE psych beat floods the atmosphere, this is New Age Space Rock with an environment that is so darkly hallucinogenic that can easily cause hypnosis… Slowly and progressively that track obtains an Acid complexion but without losing its unique Spacey depth… “Rolling In Outer Space” is a cool song, super-extra Spacey effected, with a hazy mysterious, and quite blurry atmos that gives you the thrills, the whole scenery here acts as a splendid theme from a Sci-Fi B movie! On “Die Karawane der Unsterblichen” there’s an acid-like spacey slow soundscape, while slowly unfolds some colorful spacey layers, really trippy… “Wastelandgarden” is another slow Space tune, very dark with a late-night Gothic-like feeling, emerging a gorgeous cinematic feel that makes me wonder if Sula has ever thought about focusing on making Film Scores… (You should try it, Dave!) The almost 18 min long “Dopeshuttle” has an experimental intro, various Spacey elements/Sounds are over-flooding the place, and Space… is the Place… A steady dynamic Krauty beat takes the lead, the guitar follows its lonely acid way, and all together are creating a fantastic mix of Modern Aged Space-Rock, sharp and shimmering… “Stargate” is 14 minutes long, there’s a Spacey landscape but with a more futuristic and ambient-like touch while a veil of mystery falls upon the track… Eventually, the albums come to an end with “One Way”, an acoustic tune with a very different environment from the previous tracks, feels like the Eagle has landed, there’s a sad and nostalgic feel, a quiet relaxing tune… So, all you Spacers out there, if you’re into some Spacey-effected Improvised Space-Rock then “Loop Station Drones” will definitely satisfy your lust for SPACE… Dig! TimeLord Michalis



1 Roadburn Haze 14:59
2 Rolling In Outer Space 5:04
3 Die Karawane der Unsterblichen 13:41
4 Wastelandgarden 6:41
5 Dopeshuttle 17:45
6 Stargate 14:05
7 One Way 6:03



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