24 November 2021

JACK ELLISTER – Lichtpyramide II (2021, LP/CD Tonzonen Records)




Label: Tonzonen Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Marbled Blue Vinyl, Gatefold (with Download Card), 500 copies

Format: CD, Album, Digipack, 300 copies

Release Date: 19 Nov 2021

Our beloved artist/singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/composer Jack Ellister, true to his date with us fans, is back with the second part of his kosmische / kraut explorations, the sequel to 2020’s “Lichtpyramide” (check review here), simply entitled “Lichtpyramide II”. Let’s have a look at the press release:

“Jack Ellister is one of those rarefied sore thumbs sticking out on the outer edges of the great psychedelic cosmos, crafting wired and weird kaleidoscopic sonic trips.

His releases have already been on collectors label Fruits de Mer Records, Spain’s You Are The Cosmos, and Tonzonen Records from Germany; BBC’s Stuart Maconie, Mark Radcliffe and Nick Luscombe have all played his music on their BBC radio shows.

After the positive welcome of last year’s ‘lichtpyramide’ album, we’re excited to present the second installment in this series of loops and short musical experiments, recorded to tape at Jack’s home studio in South East London.

While still keeping traditional songwriting at bay, he has another go at free-form eclecticism and instant composing, this time leaning a tad more towards the electronic side of sounds. An array of synthesizers, guitars, percussion, and effect boxes, arranged around a loop station, are his main tools for providing ambient textures, repetitive motives, evolving patterns and spacey melodies. There are fewer spoken word moments than on the first Lichtpyramide album but the languages used are German, Polish, and English.

For the lyrics of ‘Genesang: Der Mensch’ a poem by South German writer and humanist Friedrich Hoelderlin was used (‘Der Mensch’). Sula Bassana (Electric Moon, Sulatron) lent a hand in ‘Noorderlicht’ and ‘Rotierende Reisenbahn’. More collaborations are planned for future releases”.

“Lichtpyramide II” consists of 13 “musical experiments” in a total duration of 42 minutes and 9 seconds. Everything is being recorded and produced by Jack himself in his home studio in London. Also, space-wizard Sula Bassana lends some exciting and revealing synthesizer moments in the album. The music here – of course – is electronic and very Kraut-influenced/inspired, the sound is kaleidoscopically experimental, there’s no pause between the tracks which means that automatically the listener is being transported to a futuristic magical environment, the music flows, seducing the listener to an electronically flavored mind trip that sometimes gives you the sense of being inside a Tangerine Dream, or a Kraftwerk, or even a Neu album! Yes! Exactly that! “Lichtpyramide II” has a dominant Neo-Futuristic Sound that makes you an instant follower and leads you into a unique Cosmic… No, I will use, that German word, to describe it… that leads you to a unique Kosmisch Experience! *** Personal Highlight: “Polonium”  TimeLord Michalis



A1 Geneser: Sahne 3:52
A2 Radio Message from Kepler – 186F 3:19
A3 Noorderlicht 3:37
A4 Polonioum 6:39
A5 Rotierende Reisenbahn 3:17
B1 Genesis: Otwarcie 3:36
B2 Photosyntese 2:08
B3 Fragestellung 2:25
B4 Kupier Belt Excursion 3:29
B5 Planetoid Exploration Rover 0:58
B6 Memory Scan 2:57
B7 Genesang: Der Mensch 1:39
B8 Gense: Stadt Land Fluss 4:28



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