23 February 2022

THE LOST STONED PANDAS – Dark Side Of The Noom (2022, LP/CD FRG Records)




Label: FRG Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Silver Moon Colored Vinyl (with A3 Poster & Large Sticker), 125 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Blue Moon Colored Vinyl (with Poster & Large Sticker), 125 copies

Format: CD, Album, Picture Disc, Gatefold Sleeve, 150 copies

Release Date: 28 March 2022

Our beloved gang of Pandas is back with their 5th release in just 3 years of existence! Of course, the main feeder/supplier of the Lost Stoned Pandas is Sendelica. “Dark Side Of The Noom” was officially a digital release back in October 2021 but now the time has come for a limited run of LP and CD Editions. The people/musicians/Sendelians that are involved in these recordings are:

Pete Bingham – Guitars

Colin Consterdine – Designed Sounds & Rhythms

Jack Jackson – Drums & Percussion

Kate Riaz – Cello

Paul Sax – Violin

Rhiannon Jones – Viola Electronics

Glenda Pescado – Bass

Chris Mekon – Electronics

Recorded by Jethro Chaplin at Mwnci Studio Mixed, edited and created by Colin Consterdine and Pete Bingham

“Dark Side Of The Noom” consists of just 4 songs clock-ticking from 5 to 19 minutes. A dub mix of the self-titled “Dark Side Of The Noom” opens the album while the original 19min version of it closes the album. It starts with a slow beat under an electro-spacey motive, slowly but progressively the track shows an ambient kind of flirting, the soundscape becomes Proggy, the Sax adds something serene in the atmosphere while the tune transforms into a complex ‘dubby’ space rocket leaving the front side of the moon, entering the dark one… The Space Trip continues with “Interregnum”, the tight band creates wonderful trippy melodies presenting an addictive kind of cool futuristic Space-Prog! Cello, violin, and other various string arrangements add something exotic to that colorful Prog sound sphere, eventually, we find ourselves inside that Sphere! “Laguna Sunrise (Strings mix)” starts in a peaceful fully effected landscape, the violin moves the track/spaceship into a parallel universe, diving into the infinite using a Proggy-Ambient atmosphere as a medium! The album closes with the original mix of “Dark Side Of The Noom”, a 19min epos that for the first 4 minutes the scenery is calm, serene, a little dark, ambient-like, and then the track dives into the dark inner Space, the violin keeps on warming the atmosphere while the Pandas keeps on improvising, leading the listener to total tranquility, like the one you can face when you find yourself on the dark side of the… shroom… er, moon… er, sorry… noom… “Dark Side Of The Noom” is an amazing Space-Proggy-Ambient Pandalicious Trip that will satisfy and relax all of your senses! Go grab it now! TimeLord Michalis



1 Dark Side Of The Noom (Dub Mix) 6:19
2 Interregnum 7:15
3 Luna Sunrise (Strings Mix) 5:14
4 Dark Side Of The Noom 19:37


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