28 February 2022

MICHELE SAINT THOMAS – In The Time Of Job When Mischa Was A Zippie (2021, Book Youth International Party Publication/Saint Thomas Productions)




Label: Youth International Party Publication/Saint Thomas Productions

Format: Book, Paperback (300 pages)

Release Date: 2021

Back in 2015 while preparing the 9th issue of TimeMaZine, I got in contact with editor/writer Joan Jeffries and author Michele Saint Thomas, one lead to another, and she kindly offered us to publish one of her stories, “Micro-Dots Of Time: Moby Grape & Wilson Mower Pursuit – Grande Ballroom-Detroit 1967” (published on TMZ#9, Autumn 2016)… She also sent us another story “The Mercenaries of Time – Part 2 The Stooges w/ Elephant’s Memory – Michigan Palace, February 9th, 1974 w/ surprise guest” that we have already scheduled to be released on a future issue of TimeMaZine. These 2 stories along with many many more are included in this exciting book called “In The Time Of Job When Mischa Was A Zippie” authored by Michele Saint Thomas and edited by Joan Jeffries of Joan of Arc Editing Services. Illustration and cover art design by Dennis Loren, the magnificent artist that is responsible for the art front cover of TimeMaZine Issue #10!. It’s a time-travel book of Psychedelia and political adventures! Mischa’s adventures with Abbie Hoffman’s Youth International Party through Acid Trips that she used as a medium to travel back in time, featured descriptive excerpts from the history of the Youth International Party, 1972 to 2020!

Let’s have some more info by reading the detailed newsletter:

“The YIPPIES’ legendary battles at the 1968 DNC and the subsequent Chicago 8 trial secured their place in American counterculture history. What transpired afterward is a testament to their incredible resiliency. Reinforced by the newly formed Zippies, a youth contingent conceived by Thomas King Forcade (High Times magazine founder), and led by Dana Beal, the YIPPIES soldiered on. Their protests at the Miami Conventions of 1972, and further activism throughout the rest of the century and into the next, saw them continuing the fight against the imperialistic war machine long after most of their ‘60s contemporaries had faded from the scene.

Publishing two revolutionary newspapers, Yipster Times and Overthrow, the YIPPIES carried on the revolution, refusing to submit to the establishment. Taking their movement directly to the people, they went on tour with marijuana rallies coast to coast, as well as the music festivals, Rock against Reagan in the early ‘80s and Rock against Racism in the late ‘80s, the latter going global. What was the magic that kept them relevant? Marijuana! Fueled by this earthly herb, a renewable resource they proclaimed would save our planet, their fight for decriminalization – for both medicinal purposes and recreational use – maintained their relevancy as a force.

What’s it like being a YIPPIE? Our heroine Mischa, a young lass from Detroit, is about to tell you, in an LSD-infused recollection of true-life events, an account of these incredible days. Reality here crosses into the realms of science fiction, as the reader time-travels with her to her early activist years as a member of Abbie Hoffman’s Youth International Party, thereby witnessing Mischa’s adventures first-hand.

Mischa’s experiences in 1972 Miami, along with her political activism and adventures to the end of the century, then onward to modern times, breath life and a raison d’etre into the Youth International Party. Adding additional voices, the contributors to this project are a who’s who in Yippie lore, along with many unsung heroes. This is primary source history, told in an exciting, psychedelic manner.

Yes, the YIPPIES are here to stay.

In the words of an immortal YIPPIE legend, David Peel: “Yippie is Forever!”

Michele Saint Thomas received a B.A. degree in History with a certificate in American Indian Studies from California State University Long Beach. Her descriptive writing skills were enhanced via advanced independent studies in literature at University of California Irvine. She remains to this day steadfast in her unwavering support of the goals and vision of the Youth International Party and the American Indian Movement. She currently resides among the Redwoods near Santa Cruz, California.

“Be alive, cherish adventure, live fearlessly.” – Mischa



The preliminary action starts when Mischa makes a return trip to her hometown, Detroit, to visit family and friends. By happenstance, she comes upon a vintage Grande Ballroom venue postcard, which affords her an incredible ability.

At first glance, the postcard appears to be no different from similar cards of the era. But this one turns out to be mysteriously unique. Upon closer examination, Mischa discovers that the card resembles a sheet of LSD tabs, and upon taking a couple, she obtains the ability to travel through time.

Mischa begins her time-traveling excursions by re-attending one of her earliest protests with the Youth International Party (YIPPIES), which took place in 1973 with the goal of disrupting Nixon’s Inauguration in Washington, D.C.

She soon relishes this newfound power to travel through the years to re-experience exciting events from her past. These actions included protests and demonstrations she had attended in her youthful days while traveling throughout the nation.

Mischa is there in the now, contributing to our understanding of these past events in a whole new manner. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll – yes, it’s all here! Mischa, by virtue of this unique time-traveling device, affords us a new look into the counter-culture scene from an entirely new dimension.

This collection of remembrances are all true events, relived and retold by this adventuress in a psychedelically mind-blowing style.

So get ready to drop your tab of acid, and prepare to come along!”…

Political nature is mixing with music culture through adventurous Acid Trips of a remarkable era! Is this science fiction? Is it a reality? Is it both? Of course, it is science fiction! Of course, it is reality! Confused? Hehe… An exceptional read that will keep you in there, you will feel captured inside these pages, you will follow Mischa, and you will experience things like you were there! Turn on, tune in, Drop out… TimeLord Michalis

Either Experience it or Forget it! (Ken Kesey)



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