01 March 2022

VIBRAVOID – Phasenvoid (2022, 2LP/2CD Stoned Karma Records)




Label: Stoned Karma Records

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, Random Colored Vinyl, 500 copies

Format: 2CD, Album, Limited Edition

Release Date: March/April 2022

Back in 2003, Nasoni Records released a Split LP album with “Phasenvoid” by Vibravoid occupying the first side and “Retronique” by Sula Bassana on the second side. This one-side original release (Split) is now expanded into 4 sides, adding 11 more tracks to the initial 5 tracks on Phasenvoid! All unreleased tracks were entirely recorded between 1992 to 1997 on DIY and analog equipment, this is the far-out noise that redefined the New Dusseldorf Sound.

In order to understand a little bit the “music” of “Phasenvoid”, you need to think of all those cruel recording techniques that were used and the analog and “vintage” equipment when “vintage” did not even exist in this context! 30 years ago it was named “2nd hand” or “garbage”. And, of course, there’s the “FUZZ”! Lots of Fuzz, decades before the metal scene discovered the fuzz pedal…



Let’s have a closer look/listen to the songs of this double vinyl pleasure!

Side A

“Void Vibrato” is a super-fuzzy, extra-electro, Kraut-a-delic short (2:47) anthem. “Minddecision” makes a huge dive into the deepest depths of early 70s Kozmique n’ Electronic music, quite experimental, tricky n’ trippy, raw and over-psychedelized, with a bass-line that can raise the Dead! “Bellfight” is a Mind-expanding tune with a faraway sound comprised of bells, various noises, sitars, it seems that whichever electronic machine can make a sound, it is used over here! This is a Krauty experiment! After the 7 seconds of “Microvoid” we meet “Excerpt From A Journey To The Sun”, a SPACE tune, full of spacey effects and psycho-bubbles, there’s no music here, just various sounds, experimenting with the avant-garde and trying to open mind-gates… On “Meditation Endstation” the scenery becomes weirder, more experimental, giving you the feel of being underwater…

Side B

“Phasenvoid” starts… Maximum power, maximum volume, full fuzz, a tune that predicts the future ‘phasing’ Vibravoid Sound. “Jukebox” is an electro-Kraut track with raw sound, it feels like Kraftwerk meets with Neu! inside an industrialized Can canvas! “Transmobil” has a more spacey atmosphere and a kind of a robotic-sounding, full of effects, delays, and fuzz under a huge Tangerine Dream electronic veil. “Within A Cosmos” introduces various ‘signals’, electronic and non-electronic while the atmos is blurry, noisy, deeply electronic, and experimentally vibrated, this is an echoed electronic Psych-mess!

Side C

“Beyond The Space” has a distorted kind of ambient atmosphere with a sitar sound upfront, this could be a Space-Kraut Raga! “Mega Shining Lights” is a much different tune, this one, is actually, a song! With lyrics and everything! An amazing pre-Op-Art Rock tune! “Go Now” is full of Psyche, trippy effected, and LSD infused! “After The Acid Trip Part III”, is a Mind-Bender, hallucinogenically trippy, drenched into a mystery, fully electronically effected, becoming distortically fuzzy, slowly transforming into a PSYCHEDELIC Acid Trip, it’s like experiencing an Acid Trip inside an Acid Trip!

Side D

“Tomorrow Never Void”, reminds more of 801’s version than the original one from the 60s, this is a speedy and electronically flavored version, psychic, spacey, Krauty, and full of energy! “Radio NetzKraut”, it’s just a radio interview with members of the ‘then’ band of Void Forum“Anxious Colors” and “Void Vibration” are both played by Void Forum (pre Vibravoid band), the first is a Painted Faces song from the 60s while the second one is a Void Forum original tune…




So, this was a Trip to the 90s… The Underground years… Vibrations from a lost decade… A colorful journey into the psychedelic underground music of a bygone decade… Vibravoid’s “Phasenvoid” was released in 2003 (containing recordings from 30 years ago – the 1990s – a period that is almost forgotten when it comes to the non-existing underground at that time and the super small scene) and was predicting today’s so-called “Neo-Kraut-Psych” scene, 30 years ago. Now, with the expanded rerelease of “Phasenvoid” who could have ever possibly believed that the 11 abandoned/unreleased tracks of that period (these were not meant to be released but to develop recording systems), would foretell the future of music in another 30 years from now! “Phasenvoid” is the most multilateral Underground album you’ll hear for ages! TimeLord Michalis



A1 Void Vibrato 2:47
A2 Minddecision 5:11
A3 6:52
A4 Microvoid 0:07
A5 Excerpt From A Journey To The Sun 3:59
A6 Meditation Endstation 2:14
B1 Phasenvoid 2:51
B2 Jukebox 6:27
B3 Transmobil 6:15
B4 Within A Cosmos 3:33
C1 Beyond The Space 3:39
C2 Mega Shining Lights 3:00
C3 Go Now 2:38
C4 After The Acid Trip Part III 10:38
D1 Tomorrow Never Void 4:14
D2 Radio Netzkraut
D3 Anxious Colors
D4 Void Vibration




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