26 April 2022

DER PETUNIEMANN VON METALUNA VIER – Cosmic Pedestrian (2022 CD Bellerophon Records)




Label: Bellerophon Records

Format: CD, Album, Jewel Case + Booklet

Release Date: 4 Feb 2022

dPvM4 (decodes to Der Petunienmann von Metaluna 4) are back with another brilliant set of musical cosmic inspirations/creations, just 1 year after their extraordinary album “Archie The Robot” (check our review here:). The short notice on their Bandcamp leaves no wonders, or may not? Let’s have a look/read:

“Music inspired by Conny Veit, Chris Karrer, Danny Fichelscher, Sergius Golowin, and Timothy F. Leary. Music created with the help of Archie Patterson, Klaus Lemm, Ax Genrich, Eric Zeiler, and Rudolf Kronenberger. This is the second part of a pentamerous Trilogy to be continued sometimes and somewhere in Outer Space”…

So, let’s have a closer look at what Mr. Jean d’Auberlaque’s new adventures sound like…

“Cosmic Pedestrian” contains just 4 tracks, the opener “The Wanderings Of Lemuel Gulliver” has a trippy dark psych-a-something guitar-based intro, developing a slow creepy rhythm (just for a while) before returning to a Proggy bright soundscape, quite experimental and a little Spacey flirting… “Vive La Trance” is a slow, cool, melodic tune, instrumental of course, where synths and electric guitar are perfectly blending together in this trippy serene short journey… With “Toadstool” it seems that someone has turned the switch to “Experimental”, this is an Audio experiment, Spacey with tons of sounds and studio trickery, millions of spacey bubbles interrupted occasionally by conventional instruments and the non-conventional sounds that they produce, this is a weird electronic tune drenched into some of that early 70s German Kraut-electronic experimental magic! The last one (more than 22 minutes long) is called “A Jar Of Cosmic Beans (Part 1-5)”, with an acoustic start and a guitar-based cool melody, the song acts as a kind of a balladesque Lovesong, sounding like an AOR classic tune from the early 80s! The next part of the song has spoken lyrics, the music is still soft, emerging a cool and kind of nostalgic feel while the acoustic guitar wonderfully blends with a “background” electric one, the scenery becomes earthly and cosmically trippy, till we pass to the next part/level… Cosmic intergalactic vibes are spreading all over, and a heavenly guitar solo launches the song, becoming adventurously trippy but without losing its unique colorful acoustic veil… Then darkness falls… The scenery / (next part) has now become more Spacey, still acoustic, with a nice and warm melody, various effects, and some clear cosmic energy filling the whole atmosphere… This is a wonderful dream-a-like sophisticated 5-part Kozmique suite! “Cosmic Pedestrian” is an exciting release, that will help you to get away with your mind to other galaxies but the most important thing is that you will not feel bored during the whole 41-minute and 27 seconds journey! TimeLord Michalis



1 The Wanderings Of Lemuel Gulliver 3:59
2 Vive La Trance 3:10
3 Toadstool 12:00
4 A Jar Of Cosmic Beans (Part 1-5) 22:18






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