26 April 2022

RED RIVER DREAM – Silver Ship/Somewhere At The Edge Of Time (2022, 7” Hypnotic Bridge Records)




Label: Hypnotic Bridge Records

Format: 7”, Single, 500 copies

Release Date: Feb 2022

This is an unexpected and wonderful surprise by a band that actually is not a band! Let me explain. The main force behind Red River Dream is our beloved artist/singer/composer/musician Constantine Hastalis who released 2 fantastic LPs, “Day Of Light” in 2015, and “In Memory Of A Summer Day” in 2020! So, Constantine wrote a couple of songs, he called some of his pal-musicians to record them, and here you are! A Red River Dream 7inch Single by this Chicago Psych-Pop super band is a fact! And of course, this one-off project’s name is “connected” with the song “Red River Dream” by Stoney’s band Mumblin’ Jim (for further info go and check for once more, the movie Psych Out!)

The press release reads:

“Red River Dream’s enigmatic, one-off single exists in the realm where West Coast psychedelia meets moody folk-rock and is the side project of Chicago’s famed folk-psych bard Constantine Hastalis, complemented by a crew of the Windy City’s finest, including Mike Novak (Secret Colours), Alex Rowney (Soft Candy), Max Brink (Secret Colours), Brendan Peleo-Lazar (Triptides, Lucille Furs), Trevor Pritchett (Faux Co., Lucille Furs), and Matt Smalligan. While ‘Silver Ship’ sails through a hypnotizing yet perilous red river of fuzz, organ, and lyrical naivety, ‘Somewhere At The Edge Of Time’ emanates a haunting, tumbleweeds-under-apocalyptic-skies atmosphere. Both songs reverberate with the iconic glory of the American West, serving as a psychedelic soundtrack for high adventures as yet unrealized”…

The ‘A’ side is occupied with “Silver Ship” (4:45min), an amazing melodic tune, very powerful, drenched into West Coast melancholic sunshine from 1967, there’s a groovy organ sound that perfectly blends with a psych-a-folkie guitar sound, creating a distinctive psychedelically fuzzy soundscape, so strong and addictive, a song that somehow reminds me that super-cool tune called “Crusader’s Smile” by Topeka’s underestimated band Morning Dew… The song on side ‘B’ is entitled “Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” (2:36min), despite the small duration, the band dives deep into the ethereal West Coast Psychedelic Summer Of Love, bringing to the surface the whole sunny side of the Laurel Canyon, trumpet blends with mellotron which blends with 12-string guitar, a fantastically awesome flower power tune! It’s like 67 again… I wish… Hey, Constantine, I demand a full album as soon as possible! RECOMMENDED TimeLord Michalis



A Silver Ship 4:45
B Somewhere At The Edge Of Time 2:36



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