02 June 2022

SCHIZO FUN ADDICT – Fate Chaser (2022, 10” Lathe Cut Fruits de Mer Records, Friends Of The Fish 56)




Label: Fruits de Mer Records, Friends Of The Fish 56

Format: 10”, Lathe Cut, One-Sided, Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl, housed in an individually-painted sleeve created by band leader Jet Wintzer (The labels are in 3D and the band have kindly included a pair of 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure), 58 copies

 Release Date: 25 July 2022

Well, the good news over here is not that our beloved Schizos are back with a new release, a super limited run of just 58 one-sided lathe-cut 10-inch copies… The GOOD NEWS is that this piece of wax previews Schizo Fun Addict’s forthcoming LP entitled “Love Your Enemies”, to be released via Fruits de Mer Records later this year! So, there’s no big problem if you cannot hold a copy of this beautiful lathe-cut, a new Long Play album is coming on!

Their last album “The Last Wave” was released in 2020 (check my review) and 2 years without a Schizo album is a lot! Anyway, Let’s have a look at the 3 songs that are included in this 10-inch.

“Fate Chaser” (2:35) is a typical British modern PopSike track like the wonderful ones that The Schizos keep on offering us for the last 10 or so years… A nice melody accompanied by sweet beautiful vocals sets the scene back to the sunny Psych bubblegum side of the late 60s, LA… But, the other 2 tracks that are completing this release are ALL THE MONEY, as we use to say over here in Greece… There’s a rapid change of the scenery with “Surrender Bee”. The Sun is gone. Welcome Darkness my old friend… Everything is getting slower, darker, and psychedelically groovier, there’s an intense early 80s Goth vibration all over, you may detect “traces” of Joy Division, though the whole environment is covered by some late 60s British PSYCHness… Splendid! On “Following Your Heart” we find the same hazy blurry Goth-a-like atmosphere, but by now the scenery has transferred to the mid-80s neo-psychedelic era, a quite trippy soundscape where you can easily lose your mind in here, time and space melt, going deeper, becoming a Psychedelized anthem ready to spread its PSYCH winds into the Open Space! F@cking Awesome (burdon my language)! With songs like these, I can’t even imagine how the band’s new album would sound! Counting days… TimeLord Michalis



1 Fate Chaser 2:35
2 Surrender Bee 3:55
3 Following Your Heart 4:11


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