12 October 2022

FARFLUNG – Like Drones In Honey (2022, LP/CD Sulatron Records)




Label: Sulatron Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, White Vinyl, 180 gram (comes with Inlay and Download Code), 500 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl, 180 gram (comes Download Code), 500 copies

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Mini Gatefold Cover, 500 copies

Release Date: 14 Oct 2022


Farflung is a Los Angeles-based space-rock band, formed in 1992, and their first “launch” was back in 1995 with their incredible debut “25,000 Feet Per Second” (which by the way, Sulatron Records re-released as a limited edition LP, in January 2022). Farflung’s latest album is called “Like Drones In Honey” and Mr. David Schmidt owner of Sulatron Records took over the release! Sulatron’s press release states:

The brandnew Farflung album!
Farflung was founded in 1994 around the core members Tommy Grenas (also in Pressurehead, Anubian Lights, The Brain, Chrome, Brainticket, Damo Suzuki’s Network, Nik Turner’s Space Ritual…) and Michael Esther (The Brain, Damo Suzuki’s Network, Nik Turner’s Space Ritual…) plus Paul Hischier and Chris Nakata.
And here we go with their 10th official album, out now on Sulatron Records!
It’s like a magic carpet ride through our strange times and into deep space.
See what they say about it:
“Like drones in honey, past and future landscapes fuse together in stories of light and darkness. Expressions of the beloved and forgotten stained ground, and tyrant kings. Always on a voyage of the inner and outer cosmos, we sometimes drift through oceans of yellow, indigo, and turquoise. To be alone and not be afraid, is the courage of which astronauts are made. Join us now”…

“Like Drones In Honey” contains 8 tracks in total and it kicks off with “Acid Drain”, a rather ‘strange’ start for the album, you see I get the feeling that the music here is something like the main theme of a Sherlock Holmes TV series (!!!), the track uses various samples and movie-dialogues (probably) under a mysteriously kind of Spacey atmosphere with extremely heavy backing vocals, it’s a strange but beautiful track that managed to arise my curiosity about the next tracks. “Earthmen Look Alike To Me” blends with the previous song (like all songs of the first side, also this happened with the songs of the second side, there’s a musical continuity…), the scenery rapidly changes and it’s far more familiar with all these fantastic Spacey soundscapes that Farflung has been creating all these years on their albums, the track has a hard Space Rock edge… “King Fright” with its creepy and deeply-effected sounds, flirts with the Unknown Dark Side, diving into the glorious 70s Space Rock era, and – thus the title – I must say it is a quite frightening tune, a tune with a punky spacey attitude under a weird environment that makes you wonder what if the Pistols were in a Space Rock band… Side ‘A’ closes with “Tiny Cities Made Of Broken Teeth”, a track that somehow moves into the same musical motive as the opener of the album, a super cool tremolo-kind-of Space music, weird but beautiful… Side ‘B’ starts with “Dludgebmasterpoede”, and immediately sets the ‘stage’ up in the Space. Yes, Space is the Place! Probably, this is the most ‘straight’ Space Rock track in here, a mystical adventurous track with a soft tribalistic drumming and a futuristic serene landscape that all of a sudden transforms into a Heavy Space Rock Comet! The next one is my personal highlight, it’s called “Baile An Doire”, it has an amazing early 70s Acid-Space Hawkwind-ized atmosphere, a song that at least to my ears uses some kind of Irish or Scottish Gaelic vocals, also for some unknown reason I keep bringing to my mind the space-epos of “Hassan I Sabbah”, and this is not a bad thing at all! The weirdness continues with “Touch Of The Lemmings Kiss”, 2 minutes of creepy noises, piano, and some backward sounding… The album comes to an end with the 86 seconds long “A Year In Japan”, another eerie creep-a-delic track with lots of whispering, drenched into psychness… So, “Like Drones In Honey” is another cool and satisfying Spacey Rock ‘Experiment’ delivered to us by Farflung with great cosmic energy, not bad for a 30-year-old band, a remarkable achievement! TimeLord Michalis



A1 Acid Drain 5:14
A2 Earthmen Look Alike To Me 6:17
A3 King Fright 5:38
A4 Tiny Cities Made Of Broken Teeth 6:58
B1 Dludgebmasterpoede 8:33
B2 Baile an Doire 9:57
B3 Touch of the Lemmings Kiss 2:11
B4 A Year In Japan 1:26



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