09 April 2023

SCHIZO FUN ADDICT – Love Your Enemies (2023, LP Fruits de Mer Records)




Label: Fruits de Mer Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition (Comes with 3D cover and Glasses), 100 copies

Release Date: 20 Mar 2023

Our beloved Schizos are back with a super extra limited Groovylicious LP album entitled “Love Your Enemies”, released through the “never-resting” coolest record label, Keith’s Fruits de Mer Records

Feel free to check the reviews we did on Schizo Fun Addict’s previous releases:

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Let’s have a look at the informative press release written by band member/leader Jet Wintzer:

“Heading into year 23 – the life of Schizo Fun Addict and we now present an album containing a spiritual mystery layered into the 3D music and art. The title is a famous quote from an international man of mystery. The artwork contains clues as to who that love must be directed towards in the ultimate expression of the statement. The jacket is a film still made 3D (a clue). The 3D glasses inside the jacket are hand stamped by the lovely Jayne Gabriel, co-founder of SFA with yours truly Jet Wintzer. The inserts are cut up from two vintage UK music tabloids, signed in gold leaf paint. Each is a jigsaw piece.
The LP comes off the heels of a ltd/ed of 58 – 10” lathe cut with hand-painted sleeves (by me) for the first single off this lp – “Fate Chaser” which garnered rave reviews in Shindig!, Record Collector, and Goldmine. It’s pure 60’s psych-pop uplifting but a tale of two people who never fell in love but who felt in love. The 2d single is an ultra-rare double A-side promo 7”; “Forever Before” an absolute classic 80’s indie bopper with hints of early Smiths, The Stone Roses, and Prefab Sprout; and a hybrid of folk and shoegazed shimmering cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Over The Hills And Far Away”, which hardcore Zep fans have been flipping out over. Make sure to see both videos on YouTube as they were shot in real Super 8 and on the moon.
Schizo Fun Addict has been blessed with the legendary iconic soaring guitars of Rex John Shelverton (Tamaryn/Vue/Bellavista/Portraits of Past) since 2018’s El Shoegaze Bossa Nova, where his exciting production techniques merged shoegaze and Bossa nova inventing a whole new genre in the process.
Ilona Virostek (aka Ilona V) has been singing and playing guitar/bass with SFA since 2008.
Her initial Nico vibes have now expanded, combining with Jayne to invoke girl group Shangei-Las vibes with Brasil 66 on a beach dancing the samba with B52’s and Wendy Smith from Pre Fab Sprout surfing in on a Beach Boys wave and you get the picture.
Daniel Boivin handles percussion and drums since El Shoegaze Bossa Nova, but here he makes his debut vocal with SFA on Side 2 for “Hidden Melody”, a modern indie masterpiece.
Dannie Figueredo (Fig) handles keys, piano, and arrangements, classically trained but a passionate student of pop & composers like Jimmy Webb, Brian Wilson, and Bob Dylan.
The Lounge Bar Orchestra makes a guest appearance on the gorgeous instrumental “Reprise” – composed and recorded by Greg Healey (formerly known as the legendary TV score composer, Reg Omeroyd)”.

“Love Your Enemies” consists of 10 songs, 5 on each side of the album. The opener on side ‘A’ is called “Forever Before”, the band creates an amazing 80s atmosphere, a New Wave-ish Poppy cool tune, full of energy, with warm vocals and a feeling of nostalgia, a superb song that The Bangles would have loved to have written back in their glory 80s days. “High School High” is a more upbeat track, happy, and sunny, with a remarkable jangly guitar sound, reminding all those cool Pop-Rock female bands of the 80s! “Fate Chaser” has a cozy and nice melody with sweet vocals, setting the scene back to the sunny Psych bubblegum side of a late 60s L.A. … “Activate” is a mid-tempo laid-back tune, kind of melancholic song, drenched into some Pop Greatness! Side ‘A’ closes with their cover version of “Over The Hills And Far Away” and it’s really unbelievable how the Schizos managed to breathe New Life into this Led Zep classic tune! A stunning reinterpretation that sounds like an outtake from Eno’s (& Byrne’s, of course) “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts”… Side ‘B’ (which is my “preferable” side, hehe) starts with the balladesque “Outrun”, a late-night tune (as I like to call such songs) with a bewildering Psych-a-flirting atmos, a haunted piano melody, a sadly abstract background, reminding the isolated side of Texas (the band) or the dark side of Cocteau Twins!!! The next one “Hidden Melody” is another “dark” tune drenched into the other side of Psych, emerging a charming feeling of beautifulness or I may call it euphoria… “Subway Lillies” is a weird track but a lovely one! It has a strange electronically flavored instrumentation that makes a total antithesis with the beautiful double vocals, this is another cool dark Psych-er… The short (1:18min) “Reprise” is a balladesque track, full of nostalgia and melancholy… The album comes to an end with the Magnificent (and my personal highlight) “Meet You In The Wind”, this is the darker tune in this album, the weirder, the most Psych-er, a song that flirts with dark Psychedelia of the past ages… In conclusion, Schizo Fun Addict delivered to the Psych World another brilliant album and my only complaint about this release is that only 100 “lucky” ones have to chance to obtain this musical artifact! TimeLord Michalis



A1 Forever Before 3:32
A2 High School High 2:18
A3 Fate Chaser 2:35
A4 Activate 2:44
A5 Over The Hills And Far Away 3:42
B1 4:25
B2 Hidden Melody 2:58
B3 Subway Lillies 3:19
B4 Reprise 1:18
B5 3:45


Listen through SCHIZO FUN ADDICT Bandcamp





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